07 Jan 2018 | Target Mains | 19th Weekly Test

Q.1) Criminalising Triple Talaq is Unnecessary Overkill. Critically discuss


Q.2) With other mega regional trade agreements like the Trans–Pacific Partnership in uncertainty, do you think there is any more rationale for India to join RCEP. Critically analyse


Q.3) Why are the farmers distressed in India? Discuss the steps which Government are taking in recent years to reduce the distress. What more is needed ?


Q.4) Municipal bonds can not only be used to bolster city finances but also improve Governance of Municipal corporations across India. Discuss


Q.5) The problem of non-performing assets (NPAs) in the Indian banking system is said to be big and might affect economic growth of the country. What are the approaches that RBI and government are adopting to clean the banking system of NPAs? Examine.


Q.6) Recently India was ranked 100 in the Global hunger index 2017? Discuss the reasons behind India’s dismal performance and steps Government is taking to address the problem.


Q.7) The recent reduction in Maoist related  incidents proves the point that Maoist insurgency could not be tackled only with military approach. Discuss


Q.8) Do you think India is right in opposing WTO deal to end fisheries subsidies? Critically analyse


Q.9) According to the recently released UNESCO’s state of World’s children report less than one-third of India’s internet users are females. Discuss the reasons behind these trends and also its impact on the future condition of women in India.


Q.10) What do you understand by Kyasanur Forest Disease(KFD)? Discuss its threat and what steps should be taken by the Government to eradicate this disease.


Q.11) You are posted in a government office. Your staff is not punctual when it comes to timings as the last officer had no complaints about late coming as long as people did their work efficiently. However, one of your friend who is in other department advices you to be strict with you staff. He tells you that punctuality comes first even if people are doing their work efficiently. You know that your staff though comes late but is well efficient in work and their coming late to office doesn’t have any negative effect on work. What will you do? Will you follow your friend’s advice and be strict with your staff? Discuss the various options that are available to you along with their merits and demerits suggesting which course of action would you take and why?



Q.12 You are posted as DSP who is known for his integrity and sense of duty. You find two people violating traffic rules and when you give them challan, they tell you they belong to ruling party and refuse to pay challan. When you insist, they start misbehaving with you. You have a heated argument with them. They ask you to leave them or ask you to be ready to face the consequences. Next day you get a call from a local politician that you should apologise to the party workers else you will be transferred to a remote area. You have lived all your life in metro cities. Even your husband advises you to apologise, as he has a permanent job in the city and if you are transferred you might face family problems. Given below are some options. Discuss them with their merits and demerits. Also suggest which course of action would you take and why? Your course of action could be different from the options given below.

(i) Apologise from the leader so that you are not transferred.

(ii) Asks your husband who also knows some senior minister to help you get out of the matter.

(iii) Be firm on your stand and decide to go to your new posting.

(iv) Highlighting the matter in the media to get more people support.





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