FREE Masterclass: Ultimate 10 hrs Weekly Current Affairs Strategy for UPSC 2023-24: Effective, Holistic, Minimalistic | Session for Notemaking, Answer Writing, & daily MCQs | Get FREE Samachar Manthan Module and Toolkit

Supercharge your UPSC Current Affairs preparation with this amazing session by Dimple ma’am. Current Affairs is made wholesome, integrated, and minimalistic.

Have you just started prep for UPSC 2024? Aspirants, especially those who have just begun their journey, face numerous challenges when it comes to current affairs preparation.

With countless resources like newspapers, magazines, and online materials to sift through, it becomes overwhelming to decide what to read and what to leave out.

Aspirants often end up spending hours every day on current affairs coverage, only to realize that much of what they’ve studied may not even be relevant to the exam. This inefficient and time-consuming approach steals precious hours that could have been invested in GS static preparation or optional subjects.

To tackle these issues and streamline your current affairs preparation, Senior IAS Faculty, Dimple Chouhan ma’am will be conducting a live strategy webinar.

She understands that implementing an effective and minimalistic approach to current affairs is easier said than done. In her session, Dimple will reveal her topper’s strategy for UPSC current affairs 2023-24, which is wholesome, integrated, and minimalistic.

Webinar Details

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an expert in the field! Here are the details for Dimple Chouhan’s live webinar:

Concluded Successfully. Register for the Recorded VIDEO Session

What you can expect to learn in the webinar?

In this transformative session, attendees can expect to learn:

  1. How to cover a week’s worth of current affairs in just 10 hours, significantly reducing daily study time.
  2. Effective note-making techniques that are tailored for UPSC current affairs.
  3. Strategies for answering writing and MCQs solving with a focus on current events.
  4. Tips for linking current affairs with static subjects to ensure a comprehensive understanding.
  5. How to filter relevant materials and avoid wasting time on unnecessary resources.
  6. Important issues:
    • What to read?
    • What are the sources?
    • How much time should be devoted to Current Affairs?
    • Can newspaper be a substitute for monthly magazines
    • How to integrate CA into Mains answers
    • Daily, weekly coverage vs monthly coverage

About Dimple ma’am and Samachar Manthan

Dimple ma’am is the faculty for Samachar Manthan current affairs program.

Samachar Manthan’s Guaranteed results

  • 85% of UPSC 2022 Prelims and Mains Questions were from CivilsDaily’s Current Affairs Test Series
  • 100+ rankers vouch for the efficacy of Samachar Manthan, a result-oriented Current Affairs program

Samachar Manthan registered the highest turnout of UPSC rankers from any Current Affairs program available in the market

And if that’s not convincing enough, just watch the video below of AIR 2 Jagrati Awasthi, 49 Abhijit Ray, and many more, who will vouch for the efficacy of Samachar Manthan.

That will help you improve your ability to read newspapers and analyze current events.

Samachar Manthan Batch 4 for UPSC CSE 20232024

This is going to be a special batch as the focus would be on two things:

  1. Covering the backlog from June 2022 to the current month along with answer writing and note making.
  2. Side by side continuing and covering the current issues for Prelims 2023 and then Mains 2023.

Click & enroll: Samachar Manthan Batch 4 for UPSC 2023 (details here)

Because Samachar Manthan is a weekly current affairs program, we will design it for you to cover multiple weeks of current affairs in a single week. For example, Week 1 (the first weeks of June 2022) will be paired with SM Week 39. (current weeks).

Schedule a FREE call to know how to cover the current affairs backlog for UPSC 2023 Prelims & Mains.

Click & schedule a 1-1 call with senior IAS faculty for strategy

We will be sharing a personalized strategy and timetable for you as per your UPSC preparation situation.

Samachar Manthan Yearly for UPSC CSE 2024

This will be the full-fledged batch of UPSC 2024 aspirants that will continue till Mains.

This is what our students have to say about Samachar Manthan, Sajal Sir & other faculties.

Feedback from our students.

Our ex-students are now rankers.

Check out Shahansha’s excerpt on how he cleared UPSC 2020:

Schedule a FREE call to know how to cover the current affairs backlog for UPSC 2023 & 2024. We will be sharing a personalized strategy and timetable for you as per your UPSC preparation situation.

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