Starting from Level ‘0’ for UPSC 2024-25 and a 10-month strategy for UPSC Prelims 2024 | Webinar by IPS, Soham Mandhare | Get your personalized study plan and timetable (PDF)

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The countdown for UPSC 2024-25 has already begun, and with every passing day, the competition is getting fiercer.

While you’re still picking up standard books like Laxmikanth for Polity, reading newspapers daily in the name of doing current affairs or just enrolling in coaching classes, many repeat aspirants/rankers will be giving attempts, many have made serious progress. The gap is widening, and the clock is ticking!

Aspirants, just 10 months are left for UPSC Prelims 2024. And if you haven’t started yet, even if it is going to be from scratch, today is the best time to start.

Soham Mandhare, IPS

Feeling lost or stuck? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and catching up with others is not only possible but promised!

Let’s welcome Soham Mandhare, IPS and Civilsdaily’s Super Mentor, who cracked UPSC twice. He’ll tell you how to get ready for the next 10 months for UPSC Prelims 2024 and if required, how to start from scratch.

Soham Mandhare was also a Civilsdaily’s mentorship student under Sajal sir.

Whether you’re just starting, want to move faster, or find and fix what’s holding you back, Soham will help you race with the best.

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Clarity with Ranker Webinar Details

Topic: Starting UPSC Prep from Level ‘0’ and next 10-month detailed blueprint for UPSC 2024 Prelims

Date: 14th August 2023 (Monday)

Time: 7:30 pm Onwards

Zoom Meeting Link will be sent via your registered email address.

From Level ‘O’ to LBSNAA

Who should attend this webinar?

  1. Aspirants who want to crack a top-50 rank in UPSC 2024-25
  2. Aspirants gearing up for UPSC 2024-25, be it college students, working professionals, or candidates who are at the very onset of their journey.
    • Aspirants who have just begun their UPSC journey with standard books but lack direction.
    • Enrolled in UPSC coaching but are yet to start serious, effective preparation.
  3. If you have already started but want to gain momentum and find gaps in your preparation.
  4. Those who attempted UPSC 2022-23 but couldn’t make it through and aim to make critical improvements for a stronger comeback in 2024.

What you should expect in 1-1 LIVE with Soham Mandhare sir?

  1. How to start UPSC 2024 Preparation like a topper and take level ‘0’ advantage?
  2. Getting a situational awareness wrt your UPSC Preparation. Where do you stand currently, what do you have to do now, and how to go about it?
  3. Understanding UPSC’s current expectations, recent trend, and pattern shifts seen in 2023’s Prelims paper.
  4. Avoiding a random one: How to select the right NCERTs/subject or topic to start preparation and build a strong subjective foundation for both Prelims and Mains.
  5. What is the easiest and most effective way for all background aspirants to complete the UPSC syllabus?
  6. How to divide your time for Daily newspapers, NCERTs, Advanced books like M. Laxmikant etc?
  7. How to make notes current affairs and GS and update later by removing redundant information?
  8. How do you start your Optional Subject? and in how many months do you have to finish it?
  9. How to pick conceptual subjects first and finish them one by one by December 2023
  10. How to start minor subjects as soon as the conceptual subjects are finished?
  11. How to focus on only Prelims after December 2023 and revise by following 60, 45, 25, and 15 rules.
  12. How to stick to the bare minimum sources so that your revision will be maximum?
  13. Complete UPSC-CSE Preparation Timeline for a Working Professional and college aspirant

The session will cover a 10-month Phase-wise blueprint for UPSC 2024 that will incorporate a 5-phase plan.

We’ll be sharing a personalized study plan after the webinar

CivilsDaily’s FREE Masterclass package & Personalized 10-month Blueprint

Post-webinar you will get your Personalized 10-month study plan, important PDFs, timetable framework, and mentorship session.

Based on your UPSC prep situation (working aspirant, full-time aspirant), your learning style, previous attempts, and other such factors, we will be preparing and sharing a personalized PDF study plan for you.

Entry is FREE but seats are limited (only 100)

Book your seat now!

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