UAP Super Mentorship Plus 2024 under IPS Soham Mandhare | Enrollment is open for 50 Seats only

📢UAP Super Mentorship Plus Prog 2024 by IPS Soham Mandhare. Now Get an IPS officer your UPSC mentor. | 50 Seats Only

We had earlier launched a highly required and unparalleled extension of the UAP Mentorship Programs, led by a team of Fresh IAS officers. This program has been meticulously designed to cater exclusively to highly motivated UPSC IAS 2024-25 aspirants who are determined to beat the ever-changing UPSC landscape and Sureshot score of a top 50 rank in the UPSC 2024-25 exam.

Under the guidance of UPSC Topper, IPS Soham Mandhare, the UAP program guarantees the “UPSC Success Path” with personalized mentoring, proven strategies, and a focus on addressing your specific needs, this program ensures maximum chances of excelling in the exam and securing a top-ranking position.

Join this unique program and unlock your potential for triumph in the UPSC exam.

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What is UAP Super Mentorship Program?

The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) has recently made significant changes to its question-options pattern. In response to these changes, IPS Soham, an experienced and knowledgeable individual who specializes in UPSC preparation, is preparing to launch an exclusive mentorship program. This program is specifically designed to assist aspiring candidates who are planning to appear for the UPSC examination in 2024.

Under IPS Soham’s expert guidance, the mentorship program will provide comprehensive support throughout the entire journey of the candidates. From the initial stages of preparation to the final examination, IPS Soham will ensure that the candidates stay on the right track and overcome the challenges associated with the UPSC examination.

The program aims to offer personalized guidance and mentorship, enabling candidates to navigate the complexities of the UPSC syllabus, stay motivated, and develop effective study strategies. With IPS Soham’s seasoned advice and mentorship, candidates can be confident about their progress and increase their chances of achieving success in the UPSC 2024 examination.

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UAP Super Mentorship Plus 2024 (Online/ Offline) by IPS Soham Mandhare

  1. Full UPSC Pre & Mains GS Course & Theme-wise + Full Length Mocks
  2. Dedicated Telegram group with CD Mentor, Avdhoot Shinde Sir & IPS Ranker, Soham Mandhare
  3. 4+ Content Enrichment Zoom sessions per month with Soham Mandhare
  4. Dedicated 1 on 1 mentor calls with Avdhoot Shinde Sir basis your progress with the course and target completion
  5. 1 on 1 call with Soham Mandhare based on your stage of prep and growth needs

When competition is cut-throat and the UPSC trend is elusive, preparing effectively requires a distinct and innovative approach. It is essential to simultaneously focus on comprehending the exam’s requirements, embracing risk-taking abilities, and addressing areas of improvement in one’s preparation.

This is precisely where Super Mentorship, led by Soham Mandhare, AIR 218, can make a significant impact. Soham Mandhare is a top-ranked individual who has surpassed numerous challenges and refined his strategies through rigorous examination testing.

All of these are now open for his exclusive batch of 50 students for 1 full year.

The immense validation of our program is manifest in our stellar results from UPSC 2022 – 13 of our students ranked in the top 50 and over 250 students found their names in the final list.

Who should Join this Program?

It is specifically tailored for those who are seeking expert guidance, comprehensive study resources, and a structured preparation strategy, all bundled with consistent evaluation and feedback.

  • Aiming for a top 50 rank in the UPSC CSE 2024 exam.
  • Adaptive Learners seeking Dynamic approach
  • Aspirants who want to be trend adapters from the very beginning.
  • Those who, despite previous unsuccessful attempts in Prelims or Mains, are determined to ace UPSC-2024.
  • Devoted aspirants who seek productivity, consistency, efficiency, continuous evaluation, and doubt clearance in their UPSC 2024 journey.
  • UPSC 2024 Aspirants who love ‘Integrated Learning‘ under the guidance of a fresh IAS officer.
  • IAS candidates who are comfortable with self-study but need occasional motivation boosters to keep on track

Key outcomes

Complete Coverage: With the program’s meticulous planning, you will finish GS and Current Affairs syllabus, including revisions and tests, right on schedule.

Crystal Clear Understanding: Expect a profound, UPSC-caliber understanding of all concepts, equipping you for both Prelims and Mains.

Guided Consistency: With Soham, an IPS topper, and dedicated in-house mentors guiding your journey, your preparation will be relentlessly consistent, highly efficient, and optimally effective.

Mastering MCQs: Under the guidance of IPS Soham (AIR 218) and experienced mentors like Sajal sir and Zeeshan sir, you’ll acquire expert-level MCQ-solving skills, with a sure-shot strategy to crack Prelims with 120+ scores.

Superior Answer Writing: Learn from the best! IPS Soham Mandhare and the team will equip you with unmatched answer-writing skills, providing a clear strategy to conquer Mains papers.

Confident Clearing of Exams: With our program’s backing, you’ll not just clear, but ace the UPSC Prelims and Mains 2024.

Regular Refinement: Through frequent assessments and feedback from IAS Soham and the team, you’ll continuously refine your strategy and improve your performance.

Assured Interview Success: Our program doesn’t stop at Mains. We’ll prepare you to confidently face and impress the UPSC interview board.

Personalized Pathway: Our individualized mentorship ensures that your unique challenges are addressed, and your potential is fully realized.

Guaranteed Success: With IPS Soham’s proven track record and our program’s comprehensive structure, cracking UPSC 2024 isn’t just a possibility – it’s a certainty. You are preparing not just for the exam but to rank high!

Program Inclusions:

The program is a comprehensive package that includes:

  1. Super Mentorship with AIR 218: Personal guidance from a Top 50 ranker, Soham. Three tiered mentorship
  2. Masterclass Lectures: Interactive and comprehensive lessons from our expert faculties.
  3. Ultimate Assessment Program: Regular assessments to measure progress and areas for improvement.

Masterclass: GS Static Lecture series.

  • Masterclass covers 100 percent static syllabus from basic to advanced.
  • Focus on developing an interest in the subject.
  • Better language & explainers to ensure conceptual clarity
  • Comparative analysis with quick reference tables
  • Flowcharts, Listicles & Mind maps for easy recall
  • Note4Students in every chapter to establish relevance
  • Previous Year Questions to ensure you understand the level of depth required to crack the UPSC Mains.

UAP: Ultimate Assessment Program

Comprehensive Assessment Program that includes Test Series for both Prelims and Mains, Current Affairs and Weekly Answer Writing and Essay Program

Five Components of UAP:

  1. UPSC Prime Prelims Test Series
  2. Mains Essential Program
  3. Samachar Manthan 2024 – Current Affairs and Answer Writing program by Sajal sir
  4. Dominate Prelims 2024 by Zeeshan sir
  5. Essay Program

UPSC’22 Top Rankers are now Civilsdaily Super Mentors

Act now and secure your spot in this program.

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