10 September 2018 | High Relevance vs Low Relevance News

Reading News for UPSC is utmost important and rising number of questions year on year in UPSC Prelims is a testimony of this

We are starting a daily series where we will analyze news covered in The Hindu, Indian Express and other newspapers which are important from exam perspective and which are not

Important news would have been covered in our daily news coverage in form of newscards.

Unimportant ones will be mentioned here and a short description regarding why it is not relevant for the exam

Click on news headlines to read the full news

High relevance news

Heritage tag for 2 irrigation facilities in Telangana


Read about ICID and the sites which have got heritage tag. Important for Prelims.

Limit for filing cases in Debt Recovery Tribunal doubled


Note about the functioning of debt recovery tribunals and SARFAESI Act. Important for Pre as well Mains.

UN Chief appeals for Ratification of CTBT to India and US


CTBT has been in news due to heightened tensions in the Korean peninsula. Make notes about it.

India, France to collaborate on Gaganyaan mission


Gaganyaan mission is very important from Prelims perspective. All details about it need to be remembered.

Low Relevance News

Trial through WhatsApp: Is this some kind of a joke, asks Supreme Court

WhatsApp caused raised eyebrows in the Supreme Court this week when it was informed that a criminal case was conducted via the service as a lower court judge in Hazaribagh put the accused on trial by pronouncing the order framing charges against them through a ‘WhatsApp’ call

No important points in news from the exam perspective


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