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UPSC IAS prelims 2022 will be held on June 5 in pen and paper mode. The IAS preparation is the interaction of important UPSC Syllabus topics. Check out the list of important topics for the UPSC prelims below and pave the way to score 110+.

Certain topics seem to be important for the UPSC prelims exam, but they are not asked in the exam. The UPSC primarily inquires about the context of current events. Ideally, UPSC asks about four aspects of a topic in one question with multiple options, with only one correct answer. Only those perplexing questions can be answered by the candidate who has a firm grasp on the subject. Candidates should balance their preparation in static General Studies topics and current affairs topics so that they can connect the two. 

Prelims is an elimination round. Those who learn & analyze everything may get eliminated. It’s all about utilizing your subjective recognition rather than critically analyzing.

The syllabus for the prelims exam does not go into great detail about the topics. Candidates should understand the prelims’ demand by analyzing the UPSC syllabus and question papers concurrently. Overall preparation necessitates over a year of focused preparation in the right direction with the right strategy. Important Prelims exam topics are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the syllabus. Important topics guide will guide preparation in the right direction to sit for UPSC Mains 2022.

So, our highly experienced toppers’ teachers & mentors group has prepared the most trusted list of the most important topics. 

Expect many questions in UPSC civil services Preliminary exam – 2022 (also in mains 2022). You need to prepare 4-5 points on each of these topics keeping in mind the nature of questions that were asked in Prelims 2020 & 2021. 

Must Read Topics For Prelims 2022 (Static + Current Affairs & Combination of Both)


Electronic voting machine (EVM) 

Balance of rights and duty 

Recent amendments and Bills 

One election- one nation- Amendments required 

RPA 1951 and 1950 

Office of the governor and discretionary powers 

PESA Act, 1996 



Inflation (2 questions expected- conceptual) 

Conceptual questions based on interlinking between fiscal policy, inflation, and monetary policy (2-3 questions) 

Banking in India 

Money market 

Taxation (1 question) 

GDP Estimates (1 question) 


Modern Indian Hist.

-Personality (1 question)- focus on prominent freedom fighters, social reformers, viceroys 

– Chronology- focus on the time between 1925-35 and 1939-47 

– British wars 

– NCM, CDM, quit India 

– Congress sessions 


History & Culture

 -Adi Sankaracharya 

Kakatiya Rudreshwara Temple 

Moplah Rebellion 

Sun Temple of Konark (In the news) 

Architecture (1 question on temple, 1 from medieval history) 

 Dance (classical and folk)



World Physical Geography: 

– Geomorphology- landforms and major terminologies, origin and evolution of the earth, volcanism and earthquake, plate tectonics and continental drift theory – Oceanography – warm and cold currents, and rests other chapters.


Indian Physical Map 

Rivers: Pannchnad, Himalayan rivers(Ganga, Brahmaputra, Yamuna), Peninsular rivers(Damodar, Mahanadi, Godavari, Krishna, Kaveri, Periyar)- Tributaries b. North to the south alignment of mountains in Eastern ghat and Western ghat c. Major Cities in India 

World Physical Map as well of various places & regions according to Current Affairs.

Government Schemes 

 Recent schemes on Agriculture, Vulnerable sections, MSMEs, Banking, ETC.

Science & Technology 

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) 

Electric Vehicles 

Dark Genome 


Assistant reproductive technique 

Emerging technologies (5G, AI, Machine learning) & ETC.

Social Issues

 Digital education issues 

New acts and amendments (1-2 question) 



India State Forest Report (ISFR) 2021 

Red sanders 

Zero Budget Natural Farming 

Heat Dome 

Net Zero Producers Forum

Glasgow summit 

National parks and wildlife sanctuaries, tiger reserves and wetlands (mapping)

Reports and indices (1 question) 

Development induced displacement 

Pollution related current affairs & Many other hot topics.

Security Issues

Reverse Engineering 

Top defense dealers and importers 

India’s missile program 

Recent amendments in NIA, UAPA acts etc. 

We have covered all these issues in both test series and current affairs. But if you can give special focus on these topics, you will definitely reap extra benefits.

All The Best.

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