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*Don’t read every NCERT for UPSC, do only the important ones || by Shubham Nagargoje, IPS 2020*Date & Time: *May 26, 2022 @07:00 PM (Start Login by 06:45 PM) India*

Can we avoid NCERT for UPSC?

That would be a severe mistake. NCERTs are essential and the best place to begin your UPSC preparation. They form a fundamental foundation and can help you understand basic and critical concepts more quickly. But, Are all NCERTs to be read? Finding reliable sources for this information can be extremely difficult.

If you have to command over UPSC exams, you hold command over NCERT books first. These books are the weakest point of UPSC, it must be your strong point. So, to know which NCERTs are a must & which are not, follow this topper’s footprint.

Attend this free live webinar conducted by Civilsdaily’s topper IPS Officer to get certain value-added insights on which NCERTs are heaven for Clearing UPSC-CSE.

Webinar Details:

Grasp the opportunity to get outstanding tips on ‘what are the best strategies to choose NCERTs ’, and ‘how to read & what to read from them’. This entire webinar is free. All aspirants are wholeheartedly welcome to attend.

Date: 26th May 2022 (Thursday)

Time: 7 PM to 8 PM

Infallible ideas & Tips in This Free Live Webinar by Shubham Nagargoje!

  1. Best, minimum NCERT materials for UPSC-CSE Preparation. Do’s & Don’t, Understanding the science behind how society works is important, so what are the best 3 to 5 NCERTs to read. Don’t forget NCERTs are even going to help you in your optional too.
  1. For a foundational preparation for prelims and mains, students can start with NCERT history books, to begin with, their history preparation. What are those books that have proven to be extremely beneficial in the case of students that come from commerce or science backgrounds?
  1. It is critical to understand Indian and global geography. Maps and information about different climatic regions provided in NCERT Geography books help in answering many questions about geography. How to learn & what maps/diagrams/footnotes are not to be ignored will also be discussed.
  2. Political Science covers the country’s legal and fundamental aspects, which makes it an extremely important subject. How to & what to cover from NCERTs so that ‘Laxmikant’ becomes easier to read and revise.
  3. The subject of the Indian Economy covers India’s current and past economic aspects, which makes it an important topic. Knowing its fundamentals is crucial for UPSC exams. So, What is to be learnt by heart & which NCERTs are fit for the economy will be comprehensively discussed.
  4. What is the difference between ‘The Old Version NCERTs’ & ‘The New Version NCERTs’ & for which subjects, which versions of NCERTs you should focus on,  will also be discussed thoroughly in this ask me anything session? 
  5.  The untold secret of ‘how & from where UPSC asks direct questions from NCERTs. How to build command over NCERTs is going to be another crucial point of this awesome session.
About Shubham Nagargoje:

UPSC 2020 TopperIPS Officer Shubham Nagargoje lived by this saying during his entire UPSC and RBI Grade B preparation three years. Hence, failing to clear the UPSC Prelims twice didn’t deter him. He finally got appointment letters both as an RBI Grade B officer and an IPS officer.

Wish you all the best.

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