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Question 1)

Explain the main features of Montagu-Chelmsford reforms? How far did they implement the policy of administrative devolution? (200 W/12 ½ M)

Question 2)

Today, it feels that it is the Judiciary alone that is shouldering the responsibility of deepening democracy and protecting social freedoms. Comment. (15 Marks)

Question 3)

What do you understand by Net neutrality? Critically comment on TRAI’s recent recommendations on net neutrality? (200 W/12 ½ M)

Question 4)

Ethics Case Study: You are posted as a senior officer in forest department. Your office deals with granting clearances to new projects. Your son has recently started a new project where he wants to set up a new factory in a forest area. This would involve clearing some area of district through which forest passes. The government has presently been not giving clearances to such projects as it has been emphasizing on forest conservation. Your son asks you to get the clearances done from your department. You have always been an upright officer and have not taken any benefit of the post held by you. However, this project is important for your son as you want him to get settled. Will you use your authority to get the project cleared? What are the ethical conflicts that arise in the case? What are the options that are available to you? Discuss them with their merits and demerits. (150 W/ 10 M)


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