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13th July 2021| Daily Answer Writing Enhancement(AWE)

Topics for Today’s questions:

GS-1  The Freedom Struggle — its various stages and important contributors/contributions from different parts of the country.

GS-2 Indian Constitution—historical underpinnings, evolution, features, amendments, significant provisions and basic structure

GS-3  Indian Economy and issues relating to planning, mobilization, of resources, growth, development and employment.

GS-4  Attitude: content, structure, function; its influence and relation with thought and behaviour; moral and political attitudes; social influence and persuasion


Question 1)


Q.1) “For the for most of the moderates Politics remain a part time affair. The Congress was not a political party, but an annual three-day show”. Comment ( 10 Marks)


Question 2)

Q.2) Article 15(1) of the Constitution of India prohibits the state from discriminating against individuals on basis of certain protected characteristics. But it does not bar private individuals or institutions from doing what the state is not permitted to. In light of this, discuss the need for anti-discrimination law in India and its provisions. (10 Marks)

Question 3)

Q.3) The ascending stock of forex reserves in India has led to the view this will enable the sole devotion of monetary policy to domestic objectives. Do you agree with this view? Give reasons in support of your agreement. (10 Marks)

Question 4)  

Q.4) The human beings often need encouragement or intervention to do what’s best for themselves or society at large. In the light of above statement bring out the Importance of behavioural economics concept of ‘nudge’ to encourage desirable social and economic change in the country. (10 Marks)



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