15 Days Polity NCERT Challenge with PYQs-1st session today

Hello Aspirants, How is josh!

I sign the pledge

See you at 5PM on Civilsdaily YouTube Live + 1 LGF Apsara Arcade classroom.

This is Dinesh Sir on this side. I was overwhelmed with the response that the Polity NCERT Challenge has received in its very 1st edition. Close to 7k students turned up for the 1st session. This is huge! But at the same time, so many students were not able to complete the series.

This time, let’s take a pledge to complete the challenge.

I sign the pledge

This is not your regular Polity Course.

  1. PYQ oriented course focusing on high-impact areas within chapters.
  2. Ensure you dont get questions wrong from NCERT because you are not looking at the right place.
  3. Daily Answer Writing of PYQs – we assure you that your answers will be evaluated.
  4. Notes and other helper material

Submit your answers to staff@civilsdaily.com

I sign the pledge

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch