IAS, Vinutna’s 100 days blueprint for UPSC Pre’24: Non-negotiable topics, CSAT, and Intensive Revision strategy

UPSC Prelims 2024: Strategise your next 100 days for 110+ score in UPSC prelims

Direct Zoom link: IAS, Vinutna’s FREE webinar on 7th Feb 2024, 7:00 pm

First 100 will get personalized study plan mentorship session

With just 110 days to UPSC Prelims 2024, precision and strategy become our guiding stars.

UPSC Prelims has evolved, demanding more than ever in the last 3-4 years.

Gone are the days when rote learning and aimless strategies could see you through.

IAS Bollipalli Vinutna (UPSC 2022), a three-time Prelims conqueror, will be LIVE to illuminate your path in our upcoming webinar.

Vinutna will share her proven system and framework, tailored for the crucial last 100 days.

The landscape of UPSC Prelims necessitates a focused approach; random preparation is a recipe for disappointment.

This webinar is your chance to adopt a winning strategy, fine-tuned by experience and success.

Don’t let the countdown intimidate you.

Equip yourself with the insights of someone who’s mastered the art of Prelims preparation.

Read what IAS, Vinutna ma’am has to say about UPSC prelims preparation and approach

“Hello UPSC 2024 Aspirants,

I’m Bollipalli Vinutna. Having cracked UPSC Prelims thrice, I’ve learned that the last 100 days are not just about hard work; they’re about working right.

On 7th February at 7 PM, I’ll be hosting a webinar on Zoom to share the strategy and framework that guided me through these crucial days.

We’ll tackle the CSAT, approach unknown questions with confidence, and focus on non-negotiable GS and current affairs topics.

I’ll share how revising in the last 100 days and emphasizing PYQs played a pivotal role in my journey, and what steps to take post-Prelims.

From barely making the cut to scoring well above it, I’ve seen it all. Let me help you navigate this path with less stress and more certainty.

Join me. Let’s ensure your hard work translates into success.”

UPSC Prelims 2024 Webinar by IAS, Vinutna

In this masterclass, you will get:

  1. Strategic Insights: Attendees will gain firsthand insights into a proven framework that Bollipalli Vinutna used to excel in UPSC Prelims, including how to effectively manage the CSAT and tackle unknown questions with confidence.
  2. Focused Preparation: Vinutna will share her strategies for identifying key GS and current affairs topics that are crucial for the exam, alongside a detailed plan for revision in the last 100 days, emphasizing the importance of PYQs in her preparation.
  3. Post-Prelims Guidance: Participants will also learn what steps to take after the Prelims to maintain momentum and ensure continuous progress, preparing them not just for the upcoming Prelims but for the entire UPSC journey.

Direct Zoom link: IAS, Vinutna’s FREE webinar on 7th Feb 2024, 7:00 pm

First 100 will get personalized study plan mentorship session

By the end, you’ll have razor-sharp clarity and a clear roadmap for approaching and qualifying your UPSC 2024 prelims exam with confidence and near-perfect certainty. 

IAS, Vinutna

(Don’t wait—the next webinar won’t be until April 24)

upsc prelims 2024

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These masterclasses are packed with value. They are conducted in private with a closed community. We rarely open these webinars for everyone for free. This time we are keeping it for 300 seats only.


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