15 Nov 2017 | Prelims Daily with Previous Year Questions & Tikdams

Q.1) With reference to the ‘AstroSat’, consider the following statements:
1. It is a space telescope.
2. Its working is related to Gamma Rays Polarisation.
Which of the statements given above is/are correct?
a) 1 only
b) Neither 1 nor 2
c) 2 only
d) Both 1 and 2

Q.2) What are ‘Pulsars’, sometimes seen in news related to Space Technology?
a) Stars
b) Asteroid
c) Meteoroids
d) Dwarf Plantets

Q.3) The sharing of waters of the Cauvery has been the source of a serious conflict between which of the following states?
a) Kerala and Tamil Nadu
b) Karnataka and Tamil Nadu
c) Andhra Pradesh and Kerala
d) Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu

Q.4) The Deen Dayal SPARSH Yojana is related to
a) Dams
b) Education
c) Philately
d) Health

Q.5) With reference to the ‘Blue Flag-17’ exercise which of the followin statements is/are correct?
1. It is held by the Israeli Air Force.
2. India is participating in it for the first time.
Select the correct answer using the codes given below.
a) Both 1 and 2
b) 1 only
c) 2 only
d) Neither 1 nor 2

Q.6) Which one of the following is not a feature of “value added tax” ?
a) It is multi­point destination­based system of taxation.
b) It is a tax levied on value addition at each stage of transaction in the production­ distribution chain.
c) It is a tax on the final consumption of goods or services and must ultimately be borne by the consumer.
d) It is basically a subject of the central government and the state governments are only a facilitator for its successful implementation.

Q.7) A “closed economy” is an economy in which ?
a) The money supply is fully controlled.
b) Deficit financing
c) Only exports take place.
d) Neither exports nor imports take place.

Q.8) When the bark of a tree is removed in a circular fashion all around near its base, it gradually dries up and dies because ?
a) Water from soil cannot rise to aerial parts.
b) Roots are starved of energy.
c) Tree is infected by soil microbes.
d) Roots do not receive oxygen for respiration.


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