16 Nov 2016 | Back2Basics: Daily Static and CA Revision using News

Everyday we read news, but do we do more than read it? The best way to learn from news is to find the issues and facts which we don’t know and research them. Starting today we will try to list some topics to help you do that.

Let’s call this the new avatar of #Back2Basics

Following topics are based on today’s news


1. What are – piezoelectric materials, nanogenerators, wearable electronics – PRELIMS

2. What is the India BPO Promotion Scheme? It is under the Digital India Scheme, so make notes on Digital India also. – PRELIMS + MAINS

3. There is news on CPI and WPI today. What are CPI and WPI? Revise your notes if you have them, or make notes on them. – PRELIMS + MAINS

4. ADB is giving a $500 million loan. Research ADB. – PRELIMS + MAINS

Also note that it is for India’s largest bridge. What is the largest bridge at the moment in India? Where is it located? – PRELIMS

5. News on Russia-Pak-China forum. Research the Heart of Asia Conference mentioned in the news. Who are the members, what is its purpose etc. – PRELIMS + MAINS

6. The SC has refused to stay the demonetization move. List the Part, Chapter and Articles related to the Supreme Court in the Indian Constitution. – PRELIMS + MAINS

7. Centre has increased MSP for Rabi crops – what crops come under Rabi? What months does it correspond to? – PRELIMS

8. Banks will be using special ink to prevent people from changing old notes repeatedly. This ink is also used in elections. What makes the ink so special? – PRELIMS


Make sure to leave some of the answers and your views on this initiative in the comments.

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