Need some guidance please

Guys, need help from you. I have started my preparation for CSE2017 3 months back & now I realised that I have not progressed an inch also. Please suggest me a routine. I have tried many options , made several routines but all are in vain. My facts are : I wake up at 5 am, 5.30 to 8.30 ( in field, practice ) <– can not skip this because I grabbed my current job in sports quota). From 10am to 6 pm : office ( I have little work in office, so I have ample time,) 6 to 9pm free time. 10 pm: sleep.
So I have only 2 windows for study : office time 10 to 6 & evening after office 6 to 9. The problem is despite my best effort I am still unable to utilize my office time. Please give me some guidance on that.
I dont know whether I can make it with my those little timings for my study 🙁


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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch