16th june 2020| Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

Important Announcement:  Topics to be covered on 17th June-

GS-1  The Freedom Struggle – its various stages and important contributors/contributions from different parts of the country.

GS-4 Attitude

Question 1)

Underlying the achievements of chatrapati Shivaji, describe how his policy was helpful in the expansion of Marathas? Also discuss the reasons for the fall of the Marathas. 10 marks


Question 2)

The South China Sea has been witnessing growing militarisation day by day. And how the South China Sea situation plays out will be critical for our security and well-being. In light of this, examine the basis on which India should also contest China’s unilateral claims in the area and scope of engagement with the ASEAN countries in this regard.10 marks

Question 3)

What is biosimilar technology? Discuss its application in the field of medicine.10 marks

Question 4)  

Virtue is not about practicing morality, the greatest virtue is to be inclusive of all life. Comment.10 marks


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