17th January 2020| Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

The topics covered in the upcoming AWE on 20th January are:

Q.1) Modern Indian history from about the middle of the eighteenth century until the present.

Q.4) Case Studies 


Question 1)

“Despite the Britishers being colonizers, they helped in rediscovering some of the treasures of Buddhism which were in a deplorable state.” Give your opinion with suitable justifications. (15 Marks)

Question 2)

‘The Demographic Dividend in India could easily turn into a Demographic Wasteland if not paid enough attention’. In light of the statement above elaborate what measures have been taken by the government to enhance the capacity of youth to be more productive and more employable? (15 Marks)

Question 3)

The RBI’s responsibility to regulate the financial sector may have taken a backseat after the adoption of inflation targeting as the main objective. Critically analyse the statement. (15 Marks)

Question 4)

“Information sharing is the key to the Government’s goal of delivering better, more efficient public services that are coordinated around the needs of the individual.” In light of the statement, explain the essentials of information sharing and citizen charter in public service. (15 Marks)

Reviews will be provided in a week. (In the order of submission- First come first serve basis). In case the answer is submitted late the review period may get extended to two weeks.

*In case your answer is not reviewed in a week, reply to your answer saying *NOT CHECKED*. If Parth Sir’s tag is available then tag him.

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