Forest Service Mains Result Out ! Students Gear Up for our Interview Program

Congratulations to all those who made it.


Folks, the level of the competition is immense. It is not like how it used to be 3-4 years back. Very good students with really good writing skills are appearing for the exams. We are seeing such innovative answers from first-timers that it amazes us.

We understand what it feels like to get so close to clearing the exam but eventually not making it. For many, this feeling would be worse than not clearing prelims.  Don’t be shattered by failures, don’t let them slow you down. Team Civilsdaily will ensure that your LBSNAA dream is fulfilled.

The 3-phase program is for UPSC veterans only. Entry Restricted to those who have given mains in the past 2 years and have failed to score high marks.

Phase 1(January-March)
We will identify the fundamental weaknesses that are preventing you from clearing mains and prelims.

After having worked with so many students, we can say with utmost surety that these weaknesses vary from individual to individual and require a very personalized approach. They can broadly be divided into Question Comprehension, Structure, Content, Presentation, Language and Expression. But the specific shortcomings can only be worked upon in 1-1 personalized settings.

That’s the only way to ensure sure shot improvement.

Phase 2(March-May)
You will be attempting 8 Prelims Full-Length Tests.

Detailed scrutiny of your prelims papers will be done via 1-1 personalized settings – Are you risk-averse or risk-taker, whether you are using (Tikdams), silly mistakes made, whether you are getting the factual questions wrong.

We will help you develop your prelims competency.

Phase 3(June-September)

This will be the most important phase. The final refinements of your attempts will happen in this phase. By now, you should be in a position to write above-average answers. However, above-average answers are not enough to guarantee you a top rank. We will work with you to ensure you have enough material for value addition. Our focus will be on providing tips that add the missing X factor to your answers.
Throughout your journey, we will ensure that you have the best psychological support available. End of the day, your mind has to remain calm and less anxious to be able to give a solid attempt.

Sajal Sir will be directly interacting with you and overseeing your progress. His scores in GS Papers for 2017 were as follows – 

132 in GS paper 1
125 in GS paper 2
130 in GS paper 3


1. Mains Test Series

2. Current Affairs is always a tricky affair. To ensure you have continuity, we will be giving you access to Samachar Manthan’s lectures and notes. These notes do not miss anything that is important from an exam perspective.

3. Decimate Prelims Crash Course

4. Prelims Full Lenght Tests – To prep you for prelims.

Students are requested to email their mains scorecard + attempts of any of their past test series & essay papers to 

Detailed Timetable can be obtained from here

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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