21st January 2021| Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

Important Announcement:  Topics to be covered on 22nd January

GS-1  Salient aspects of art forms, literature and
Architecture from ancient to modern times. 

GS-4 Human Values – lessons from the lives and teachings of great leaders, reformers and administrators; role of family, society and educational institutions in inculcating values. 

Question 1)

Examine the biological significance of soil and give a bio-climatic classification of the soils found on the surface of the earth. 10 marks

Question 2)

It is only when the people value and protect the freedom of expression and celebrate the culture of dissent democracy flourishes. Comment. 10 marks

Question 3)

What is deepfakes and the treats posed by it? Also mention the ways to deal with the threats associated with it. 10 marks

Question 4)  

The term ‘governance’, ‘good governance’ and ‘ethical governance’ though appear alike, mean different in our society. In this context, compare and contrast these terms in the light of governance structure in India. 10 marks

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