21st November 2018 | Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

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Question 1)

The purpose of the social reform movements in 19th century was to ‘purify’ and ‘rediscover’ an Indian civilization that would be conformant with the European ideals of rationalism, empiricism, monotheism and individualism. Comment. (150 W/ 10 M)

Question 2)

What are the aims and mandates of Shanghai Cooperation Organization? How far do you think it will boost India’s relation with Central Asian Countries and China? (150 W/ 10 M)

Question 3)

By 2020 India is projected to be the youngest nation in the world in terms of numbers. While this provides India greater opportunity, it also poses challenges. Explain the various challenges to be faced and suggest measures to turn it into an opportunity. (150 W/ 10 M)

Question 4)

What is social sin? Is there any standard definition of it? How can we abstain from social sin? And if we fail to abstain from so called social sin, what would be the consequences? (150 W/ 10 M)


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