24 September 2018 | High Relevance vs Low Relevance News

Reading News for UPSC is utmost important and rising number of questions year on year in UPSC Prelims is a testimony of this

We are starting a daily series where we will analyze news covered in The Hindu, Indian Express and other newspapers which are important from exam perspective and which are not

Important news would have been covered in our daily news coverage in form of newscards.

Unimportant ones will be mentioned here and a short description regarding why it is not relevant for the exam

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High relevance news

People cutting down Neelakurinji plants to be fined


Note all details about Neelakurinji plant (Special features, places where found etc). Questions based on such special plant and animal species are seen in Prelims year after year.

India’s first indigenously developed fast breeder reactor at Kalpakkam may achieve criticality in 2019 


Note about PFBR. Important for Prelims. Along with this, research about India’s nuclear program. Can be asked in Mains.

What caused Kerala Floods?


Know what Hungry water effect is and its role in flooding in Kerela. Important for Pre as well as Mains.

Explained: Governor’s Pardoning Power


There’s been a continuous debate about Governor’s discretionary powers and their wide and undefined scope. Note the articles being discussed and their ramifications on governor’s relationship with the Council of Ministers. Important for Mains.

Low Relevance News

Article 370: J&K’s special status challenged

A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court challenging the continued existence of Article 370, which gives a temporary autonomous status to the State of Jammu and Kashmir and restricts the power of Parliament to make laws for the State

No important points in the news from the exam perspective.

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