25 July 2018 | Prelims Daily with Previous Year Questions and Answers

Q.1) Recently Scientists have developed the fastest man-made rotor in the world from Silica. Consider the following statements:

  1. It can be used to discover things like the gravitational constant and density of Earth.
  2. At more than 60 billion revolutions per minute, this machine is more than 100,000 times faster than a high-speed dental drill.

Which of the given statements is/are correct?

a)Only 1

b)Only 2

c)Both 1 and 2


Inspired by: World’s fastest man-made spinning object developed


Q.2)  Consider the following statements about amendment in the Right to Education (RTE) Act to abolish the ‘no detention policy’:

  1. It is recommended by TSR Subramanian Committee.
  2. It provides for a regular examination in classes 5 and 8 and if the child fails, he or she shall be given an additional opportunity for re-examination in two months’ time.

Which of the given statements is/are correct?

a)Both 1 and 2

b)Only 1

c)Only 2

d)None of the above

Inspired by: Explained: Ending “No detention Policy” in schools


Q.3) Consider the following statements about Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill, 2018:

  1. The Bill provides for jail terms of three to seven years, besides fine, to those convicted of taking or giving bribes to public officials.
  2. The amendments propose that a police officer will not have to take prior permission from appropriate authorities while pursuing cases against all public servants.

Which of the given statement is/are not correct?

a)Only 1

b)Only 2



Inspired by: Parliament gives nod to Prevention of Corruption (Amendment) Bill


Q.4) Consider the following criteria for defining an area as Urban:

  1. A minimum population of 5,000;
  2. Over 50% of its (male) population working in non-agricultural activities
  3. A population density of at least 400 per sq. km.

Which of the given criterion are correct?

a)1 and 2

b)2 and 3

c)1 and 3

d)All are correct

Inspired by: [op-ed snap] India needs smart urbanization


Q.5) Manila Principles are related to which of the following:

a)Internet Service Providers

b)Cloud Storage

c)Big data

d)Artificial Intelligence

Inspired by: [op-ed snap] Anti-trafficking Bill may lead to censorship


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5 years ago

What is the ans of 5?
A or C?

Ishan Luthra
Ishan Luthra
5 years ago
Reply to  wizard


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