[Prelims Spotlight] Kaivalya, Parigraha

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Key words related to History : Kaivalya

Dynasty/era : Mahavira period

Meaning : 1.Kaivalya is a state of solitude, aloneness, isolation and detachment. The word is derived from the Sanskrit kevala, meaning “alone” or “isolated.” 2.It is a separation of purusha (Self or Soul) from prakriti (primal matter). The state of kaivalya is the main goal of Raja yoga. 3.It is a detachment and independence from relationships, egoism, attraction, aversion and the cycle of birth and death. One can achieve this state by performing austerities, yoga practice and discipline. One who achieves this state is called a Kevalin.

Key words related to History : Parigraha

Dynasty/era : Mahavira period

Meaning : 1.Parigraha-parimana is one the 12 vratas or vows of a layperson in Jainism. Specifically, it is a vow to limit attachment to worldly possessions. 2.Unlike monks or ascetics who observe such vows more strictly, the layperson may make a vow to limit his or her attachment to certain possessions or a certain number of possessions, or they may vow to limit attachment for a specified period of time.

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