29 Oct 2017 | Target Mains | 10th Weekly Test

Attempt the questions individually by clicking on them.

Q.1) There is a big opportunity in space for a nation like India. Apart from technological developments, in what ways can the space industry help in the economic development of the nation?


Q.2) The need of prior sanctions to report the misdeeds of government officials will have deleterious ramifications on the rights of media. Critically discuss.


Q.3) The RTI Act provides for certain exemptions where providing information is not obligatory on the part of authority. Which are these exemptions under RTI Act? How do these exemptions impact the citizen’s fundamental right to information?

Q.4) Despite being rich in natural, cultural heritage, Indian tourism industry is facing various issues. What are the challenges in the growth of tourism industry? Also, suggest some measures in this regard.


Q.5) What is blockchain technology? How can blockchain help in better land governance and economic integration?


Q.6) The prospects of adopting only negative emissions model to limit global warming seem bleak. Examine. What alternative approaches may be explored to counter global warming?


Q.7) The G4 nations should pursue the idea of with or without veto UNSC reforms, as this will break the deadlock in negotiations. Do you agree? Give arguments in support of your answer.


Q.8) The slow criminal justice system in India has put unnecessary pressure on prisons. Discuss what are the issues associated with the Indian prisons? Also, suggest what steps should be taken to improve the situation in this regard?


Q.9) India’s ailing banks need more than a bailout. Will the government’s recapitalisation plan leave Indian banks stronger and more sustainable? Analyse.



Q.10) The recently launched Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sampada (PMKS) Yojana aims to revive the food processing sector. What are the problems that food processing sector in Indian suffers from? What measures should be adopted by government to tap the potential of this sector?


Ethics Questions

Q.11) What do you mean by international ethics? Why it has become so relevant in present times?

Q.12) Election Commission has announced general election and model Code of Conduct has come into force. You are sub divisional magistrate and returning officer of an assembly constituency. A candidate belonging to a political party has been permitted by you to hold a meeting at 12 A.M. to a public place. Suddenly you get a request from a ruling party candidate that chief minister has made a programme of holding election meeting on the same venue and on the same date at 2 P.M. There is no alternative place where ruling party could hold its election meeting. There is every likelihood of clashes between supporters of both candidates.

(a) What are the options available to you?

(b) Evaluate each of these options and choose the option which you would adopt giving reasons.

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