UPSC Mega Workshop Day 3 with IPS, Shubham, AIR-109 Areeba & AIR-267 Soham sir | Current Affairs, Strategy & Most important themes for UPSC 2023 | Register for the recorded session

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Concluded Successfully | 28-30th December | 3 Days, 3 UPSC Topper for 3 blockbuster practical UPSC sessions | Details below

Just 5 days are left for 2022 to get over and you will get to celebrate. But before that CivilsDaily has planned to end your 2022 prep session with a banger of UPSC workshops. The biggest UPSC Workshop of 2022.

With CivilsDaily you get to learn from the best.

UPSC, by exams, checks your attitude and qualities of an officer, the syllabus is just a medium to know these qualities

Sajal Singh

Day 1 with IPS, Shubham Nagargoj: How to cover 6 months of current affairs backlog and keep it up to date till UPSC Prelims?

28 Dec 2022 (Wednesday), 7 pm

Shubham sir, IPS and CivilsDaily’s Supermentor will discuss ways to cover UPSC current affairs backlog of 6 months or more. This is super important for those who have just started preparation for either UPSC 2023 or 2024.

Mode: Online, register and we will share a Zoom link in your email.

Contact here for more details: +91 7303316700

Day 2: How UPSC Topper Areeba, AIR 109 made her UPSC Timetable and set targets?

29 Dec 2022 (Thursday), 7 pm

UPSC Topper AIR 109, UPSC 2021, Areeba Nomaan, CD’s Super Mentor will take a LIVE workshop where she will be share the skills and importance of having a flexible and workable UPSC Timetable.

She will help you breakdown your UPSC prep into small weekly and monthly measurable targets.

upsc topper

Time: 7 pm onwards

Contact here: +91 7303316700

Day 3 with AIR 267, Soham Mandhare: Most important themes for UPSC Prelims 2023 and strategy for next 5 months.

30 Dec 2022 (Friday), 7 pm

UPSC Topper AIR 267, UPSC 2021 will be discussing the most important themes from Current Affairs and GS syllabus for UPSC Prelims 2023. These are going to be the most relevant and probable topics for the upcoming prelims.

Time: 7 pm onwards

Contact here: +91 7303316700

CivilsDaily’s FREE Webinar package

Post-webinar we will share important PDFs, timetable framework, and notes.

Other than this a strategy package will be emailed to you.

What The Hindu opined about Civilsdaily Mentorship

Karishma Nair, AIR 14 was also Sajal sir’s student
AIR 65, Pranav mentored under Sajal sir for UPSC 2020
best coaching for upsc in delhi

28-30th December | 3 Days, 3 UPSC Topper for 3 blockbuster practical UPSC sessions | Details below

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