3 Dec | Target Mains: GS Questions

GS1 (Urbanization, their problems and their remedies)

Of late Urban floods have become more frequent. Explain the causes of Urban floods in relation to floods in Chennai.

References: Urban Drainage – Components, Case of Chennai floods


GS2 (India and its neighbouring countries)

India hosts the Heart of Asia (HoA) conference this week in Amritsar. It is aimed at speeding up reconstruction in war-torn Afghanistan and bringing peace and normalcy to the nation. Throw light on India-Afghanistan bilateral ties and India’s strategic interests.


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Previous Year Question (2013)

The proposed withdrawal of International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) from Afghanistan is fraught with major security implications for the countries form the region. Examine the light of the fact that India is faced with a plethora of challenges and needs to safeguard its own strategic interests.

GS3 (Development in Science)

In 2015, the total number of people with HIV in India was estimated to be 2.1 million. Of this, 1.5 million were detected and tested at integrated counselling and testing centres (ICTC) and about a million people are on treatment. This leaves about half a million who are unaware of their HIV status. How has India dealt with HIV in the past years? What measures should be taken in future to fight against the deadly disease?


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GS4 (Ethics)

Lifeline Nehemiah Projects in Freetown is among the key organisations which has been working with Ebola-affected, survivors and orphans. A serious situation like Ebola requires ethical responsibility and a mindset change on the part of citizens. Discuss the role that people of a country play in times of need.


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