30th October 2018 | Prelims Daily with Previous Year Questions

Q.1) Consider the following statements with respect to the Tesla Coil:

  1. It produces high-voltage, low-current, and high frequency alternating-current electricity.
  2. It allows wireless transfer of electricity.
  3. The same principle is used to produce sparks in E-crackers.

Which of the given statements is/are correct?

a) Only 1

b) 1 and 2

c) 2 and 3

d) All are correct

Inspired by: [pib] CSIR develops Green Crackers and E-crackers


Q.2) With reference to the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS), consider the following statements:

  1. This system is nationwide online tracking system which integrates more than 15,000 police stations across the country.
  2. It is implemented by Central Bureau of Investigations.

Which of the given statements is/are correct?

a) Only 1

b) Only 2

c) Both 1 and 2

d) Neither 1 nor 2

Inspired by: [pib] CCTN System


Q.3) Recently the Odisha government has launched the Early Warning Dissemination System (EWDS) to warn coastal communities and fisherfolk about impending cyclone and tsunami through siren towers.

 With reference to the EWDS, which of the given statements is/are correct?

  1. The EWDS is been implemented under the assistance of Asian Development Bank.
  2. It comprises technologies such as satellite-based mobile data voice terminals, digital mobile radio, mass messaging system and universal communication interface for interoperability.
  3. It is a part of the National Cyclone Risk Mitigation Project and aims to inform the last man living near the sea in case of an impending cyclone.

Select the correct codes:

a) 1 and 2

b) 2 and 3

c) 1 only

d) 2 only

Inspired by: Odisha launches disaster alert system for its coast


Q.4) The Living Planet Report 2018 is released by:

a) UN Environment


c) WWF

d) Birdlife International

Inspired by: Nature pushed to the brink by ‘runaway consumption’, says WWF


Q.5) The term Significant Economic Presence (SEP) is related to:

a) Taxes laid on foreign remittances

b) Taxing non-resident persons/firms in India

c) Taxation of Companies in SEZs of India

d) None of the above

Inspired by: [op-ed snap] Tech taxes are the wrong solution to real problems


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