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Dear students,

This week we launched the AWE program and we’ve seen a tremendous response. Though we had earlier rejected the idea of the daily answer writing, we now understand its importance especially for those who are not confident about going for the elaborate Mains Guidance Program.

This month also saw the launch of our ios application. It is not perfect and is a work in progress. It has limited features but our ios audience will now have access to the most important content. An ipad compatible version is on its way.

While many new initiatives are in the pipeline, we wanted to reach out to our students to what lies in our journey ahead.

A traditional coaching would take over 1.5L for a 1-year program. Neither do they revamp their content depending upon observed trends, nor do they provide any personalized attention. you are stuck in a classroom full of 500 students. The teacher is accessible but it requires you to either catch him/her after the class or schedule an appointment. There is no standard 1-1 interaction time thus discouraging interactions.

We want to change all of that. We are constantly working towards improving our offerings. We want to get better at guessing the precise questions that will be asked in both prelims and mains. We want our students to prepare better so they can handle adverse situations. Our Mains Guidance Program has institutionalized 1-1 interaction with the mentors. 

Moreover, we are trying to get the best people with a proven track record to help you out. Vipul Sir conducting our Essay Program is an IPS officer while Pritam Sir for the AWE has appeared for 3 interviews. These are solid guys capable of uplifting your preparation to a whole new level.

Not to forget, we are doing all this at almost 1/2 the price of similar programs.

The goals we have set out to achieve are not easy. We want to spend more time talking to you, discussing your strategy and your level of preparedness. And we are nowhere near perfect. But we are evolving and strengthening our frameworks. In the coming days, you will see further fine-tuning of our initiatives. 

Having said that, end of the day, our support has to be backed by ruthless efforts from you. You have to be consistent. We are always pushing our students to attempt tests, to be regular with lectures. Hopefully, such messages will put you back on track.

Good luck.

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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch