3rd JAN 2020 | Prelims Daily with Previous Year Questions

Dear students,

1. In the comments section, share your score and also let everyone know the logic you’ve used to mark certain answers. This will trigger intelligent discussions benefitting everyone.

2. Completing the test should be your top priority. Focus on accuracy rather than simply attempting more questions. Give enough thought to each question, we have increased the time limit so you can do this.

3. At the end of the test, click on ‘View Questions’ button to check the solutions.

*You can attempt the test multiple times for your own practice but only your first attempt will be counted for rankings.

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2 years ago

can someone please elaborate on option 1 of Q5

Parth Verma
2 years ago
Reply to 

Hi @, option 1 simply says that High Courts cannot declare any law made by the Parliament as unconstitutional. However, no such explicit restriction is placed on the powers of High Courts in the Constitution. Moreover, article 226 (2) states that if the cause of action arises in the territory over which the said High Court exercises its jurisdiction, the High Court can exercise its powers under the article 226(1) irrespective of the fact that the “seat of such Government or authority or the residence of such person is not within those territories”.
Let us consider a hypothetical example- Suppose Parliament passed a bizarre law that says you cannot travel on Mumbai Local trains if you are blue-eyed. Feeling aghast, you filed a petition in Bombay High Court. Why? because you feel that your fundamental writes are being violated by the law and you can approach High Court under article 226(1). In this case, the said law is passed by the Parliament i.e. the seat of the Government is not is the territorial jurisdiction of the Bombay High Court but the cause of action i.e. the effect of the law is evident in the territory of the Bombay High Court. So, as per article 226(2), Bombay High Court can decide on the matter and declare the said law as unconstitutional.

amit ojha
amit ojha
2 years ago

not receiving mail. Even I have subscribed.