Regarding Late Submission of AWE Answers

Hey Folks,

Thanks for the tremendous support and faith shown in the AWE program. We have been trying our level best to match your expectations. But lately, it has been observed that many students are submitting answers in the backdate manner for the bygone months while a new AWE month has already convened. It affects our endeavour to give a time-bound review. So from now, we will not be providing reviews to the answers which are not submitted in the same month’s AWE program.

Under no circumstances will the answers of questions submitted for previous months be reviewed in the current month. This is the Daily Answer Writing program, ideally, we expect questions to be submitted on the same day. But given it is difficult to maintain that level of discipline, we are allowing some leeway.

Also, as mentioned in the program details, most reviews happen within 3-4 days of submitting the answers. However, we are aiming to wrap up reviews for questions posted during the week by that weekend. Eg. the question was posted on Tuesday and you submit your answer by Friday, then most likely your answer will be reviewed during that weekend. In case you submit your answers later than one week of our posting the question, it will be reviewed during the month-end and the 7 days deadline will not be applicable there.

It is better to get a proper review than to get a quicker review. 

A good strategy is to submit answers for the day you join and keep attempting questions you have missed as you go along.

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preksha p
preksha p
2 years ago

Sir when will u resume with prelims daily ?