5 Simple Tips Which Can Turbocharge Your Reading Speed

Just look at this picture, and tell me one thing. What if you need to revise the entire pile of books in just 5 days, because the 6th day is your doom’s day? You need to finish so you crack your IAS, okay?



Yes! Of course I know, you people aren’t much bothered to read or memorise stuff. Even if it is the IAS exam, you hallucinate and hope some magic to happen that you remember all the stuff in the examination hall. But here’s an option! How about being able to remember everything on your own and let your confidence be the real magic that can hit the ‘bingo’ point?

The IAS exam comes with a lot to memorise and nobody can escape that.

You know what – There are a hell lot of ways in which you could memorise faster, without making you sit bored for hours long. The most important thing being, pacing up your reading speed. If your reading speed is pathetic, you’ll 100% get bored of finishing that entire syllabus or even revising it on the eve of your exam. On the contrary, what if you develop a great speed for reading? That’ll definitely help you retain those facts faster. Not only faster, but you could even revise the portion if you cut out that time of reading.

Say – reading a page as this one takes you 4 minutes, what if it could get done in around 2.5 minutes? You could read more, even retain more in your brain which you think is just too small.

So, there you go with some great ways to help you improve upon your reading speed.




  • While you read mutely, you tend to speak those words internally and that makes your jaws move. This puts a control on the speed of reading. The speed decreases as you clearly try to utter each word in your mind.
  • Rather, while reading in mind, stop your mind from pronouncing those words clearly internally. Skipping these clear utterances will make you run through the words faster, ending your reading session waay faster by 2/3 times.




  • Covering the words you’ve already read with your palm or a ruler helps, as your eyes don’t keep moving around those extra words that are unnecessary. Covering them will help you to focus on what you’re actually supposed to read.


  • If the next words are familiar, the brain decides to move your eyes in a way that you can read faster. Training your eyes to move directly to the familiar words helps you read the entire page quickly, as you jump through and understand quickly.


  • Don’t give jerks to your eyes while reading. Let your eyes read the words naturally and smoothly all throughout the line. Make fewer movements of your eyes while reading all the words in a line.


  • To improve reading speed, you have to start trusting your brain. If you can start trusting your brain more, you will definitely have an easier time breaking your old reading habits and learning new ones. This is because without your brain you could not have come as far as you’ve come already.
  • Every step of the way, your brain has been right alongside you. And whether you believe it right now or not, your brain is fully capable of understanding all the information you read. Don’t just panic because it is the nervousness that tends to make you forget things you have read. Be calm and trust your memory power for a very effective quick learning.

So, that’s it.

I gave you enough tips to work upon your reading speed. All you need to crack an IAS exam is, a good memory, which would come with a great reading speed. Of course, common sense and intelligence stand two of the main concerns.
Good luck! Hope you’ll have a happy speed – read.


P.S. – Reading faster is not everything. Read fast, and UNDERSTAND your facts. Because, only if both are added, you get enough to clear an exam such as IAS. Not only could you get passing marks, but also finish any Harry Potter in 2 days! But I really hope you get extra time, from your IAS related readings!


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