US ke paas Google hai, China ke paas Alibaba hai, India ke paas Kya hai?

Start-Up India Initiative has been doing the rounds for over a month now and going by the knack of the UPSC to pick-up fancy terms, let’s see if we can deep dive on this topic.


From the ramparts of the historic Red Fort, Prime Minister announced the “Start-Up India, Stand-up India” to encourage entrepreneurship and job creation.

Start-Up India aims to make India the hub for the “Start-Ups”.
However, it is pertinent to discuss the roadblocks to this ambitious plan given that about 80% of the Start-Ups in India fail and also the opportunity it presents if all goes as per the plan.

We may discuss the issue under the following heads:

  1. Regulatory impediments
  2. Risk aversion
  3. Funding Issues
  4. Gestation Period
  5. Need for Start-Ups
  6. Entrepreneurial SkillSet/ Aptitude
  7. Opportunity to absorb the young work force
  8. Role in making India developed by 2022, the PM’s mission

Let’s start then!


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