5 things successful candidates do and so should you!

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What are the 5 things candidates do that makes them cross the Prelims Hurdle? Read on

A. They solve thousands of Questions before the D Day. This way almost 70% of the questions in the paper are related in some way or the other to their practice questions. Remember solving 55-60 questions correctly gets you over the line in prelims. So how do you go about solving questions?

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B. They Revise. Never underestimate the power of repetition. Stick to limited sources and keep revising until you see the lines of the book in your dreams.

C. They peak at the right time. Some people after failing at prelims, start preparing for the next prelims immediately after the result. WRONG MOVE. Prelims is like a 100-meter race. Usain Bolt doesn’t run the whole year to prepare for 100-meter races. He paces himself. Much like him, you have to pace your study. Start with 2-hour stretches in Jan/Feb and devote fully to prelims by March.

D. Coverage of the Whole Syllabus. Gone are the times when you could leave Environment and still make it. With Forest services clubbed in prelims, coverage is important. You should have one source for each part of the syllabus.

E. They analyze and get better with time. None of the successful candidates starts scoring 120+in their first test. Some start with 40s , some with 60s and so on. The point is to go over the line on D Day. Always analyze your attempted tests and see where you went wrong, what you could have done better. Then do it.

Successful candidates see multiple sub 100 scores in practice and refuse to get bogged down by them. So don’t despair and follow these 5 steps.

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