Interview Transcript – Akshay Bhorde

Board – Sujatha Mehta Mam

Background – Pune, Maharashtra
Optional- Agriculture and Botany


1.Is this is you? (photograph)
2.Tell me about your educational qualification?
3.when you completed your graduation? (2015)
4.What you are doing since 2015?
5.Western ghats-illegal felling of trees-what is your opinion on development vs conservation?
6.How your Agriculture knowledge helps in Forest service?
7.Is there any contadiction between Agriculture and Forest?

M1 (Lady member)

1.What are cash crops?
2.What is soil erosion? How we can control it?
3.What are the problems faced by farmers?
4.differnce between Reserve and protected forest?
5.Modern techniques in Agriculture?


1.Wht is precision Agriculture.? (Detail explanation)
2.How will you convert desert area into Agriculture land?
3.what are buttress??
4.soil collidal properties
5.types of soils?what is podzol?


1.difference between Intensive Agriculture and intensive Forestry?
2.Seed act?Is forest seeds comes under this?
3.Domestication of NFTP?
4.How seed varieties are released?Certification ?


You want to share something with us other than whatever we already discussed??
I told about recent initiatives of Maharashtra government in Forest Management like Green Army and Forest helpline.

Thank you.

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