How to make a consistent 5hr/day Self-Study regime that will get you a Top 10 rank in UPSC 2023-24? | Book FREE Samanvaya Mentorship session with IAS/IPS officers

A six pillared approach will make your self-study regime effective

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Hey there UPSC 2024 aspirants! Are you still lost in the coaching vs self-study debate? Let me tell you, my friend, there’s only one answer to cracking the UPSC Civil Services exam in 2023-24 – consistent 5 hours of self-study every day.

Yes, you heard it right!

Whether you are taking coaching or not, whether you are in Delhi, the Mecca of UPSC Preparation, or in a remote village of Assam, only a disciplined self-study approach can guarantee you success.

A lack of a self-study regime will make you feel unfulfilled, frustrated, and lost.

Consistent 5 hr/day self-study is all you need!

The 6 Pillars of Effective Self-Study

Failing to incorporate any one of these pillars, feeds into a vicious cycle. Without guidance or mentoring, understanding where the problem lies in and how to rectify it becomes problematic.

First up, strategy! You need a game plan to tackle the mammoth UPSC syllabus. We aren’t talking about a toppers’ strategy that you might have encountered on youtube. A strategy personalized for you, based on your learning style, the time you have, your prep situation.

Second, create a flexible timetable to ensure you cover all the subjects on time. It’s all about managing your time for UPSC Preparation if you’re a working Professional or a full-time aspirant & how to utilize the time, left in your hand, in the best possible way.

Third, set measurable time-bound targets for daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly preparation. Set realistic targets for yourself and make sure you achieve them. Break down your preparation into smaller milestones to stay motivated.

Fourth, gather the most specific UPSC-relevant study material and resources to avoid information overload.

Fifth, regularly evaluate your progress to identify the critical gaps in your preparation. You should be able to measure your progress, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

And lastly, create a feedback mechanism to incorporate improvements into your preparation. This is essential so that you are utilizing the compounding effect in your prep.

Yes, we know that even to a UPSC veteran it might seem easier said than done.

So how to do all this? Here comes Samanvaya Mentorship

Get Ranker’s Strategy for 5hr/day Self-Study | FREE 1-1 session for UPSC 2023-24

Now, here’s the cherry on top – just fill up the form given above, and we will assign a personal mentor to guide you through this 6-pillar approach. We’re not talking about just any mentor, but an IAS/IPS ranker who’s already been there and done that.

They will be your personal guide to help plan your entire self-study cycle and keep you accountable. You won’t have to worry about missing a deadline or studying the wrong material because your mentor has got you covered.

How does Samanvaya Mentorship work? Introducing 3 layers of mentorship: Get IAS or UPSC ranker as your mentor

1. 1st step starts with this Samanvaya call: Once you fill in the form, we get on a 30-40 minute call with you to understand your prep level, working/ study constraints, and current strategies and create a step-by-step plan for the next week, next month and so on.

2. You are directed and given access to relevant resources and an invite-only Telegram group, where you can ask your daily doubts, discuss your test-prep questions and have real-time, live sessions on news and op-eds, and find your optional groups.

3. The third and the most personalized tier is the 1 on 1 mentor allotment who stays with you through the course of your UPSC preparation – always-on chat and on scheduled calls to help you assess, evaluate, and chart the next milestone of your IAS 2023-24 journey.

We will also connect you to a UPSC ranker or IAS, who will mentor you in this journey.

Layer 1: You will be assigned a dedicated in-house mentor who will keep track of our progress from start till your final interview.

Layer 2: Sajal Singh sir and the team will be constantly with you through various programs like Samachar Manthan, Prelims, Essay, etc.

Layer 3: A UPSC IAS ranker (one who has cleared this exam) will be supervising your progress as your super mentor.

Super Mentors like Areeba (AIR-109), Mantri (AIR-28), Soham, and IPS Shubham will help you to make strategies as per your need and devise a timetable that suits you.

Who are you?

  1. Working Junta? If you are preparing for IAS 2023-24 and working simultaneously, we can help you design a timetable that fits right in your hectic schedule.
  2. First-time prep? If you are in the last year of college or thinking of dropping a year and preparing for IAS 2023-24 full-time, we can help you pick the right books and craft a practical & personal strategy.
  3. UPSC Veteran?

You just have to take 5 minutes out and fill this form: Samanvaya For IAS 2023-24

Once done, we will call you within 24 hours or so.

What The Hindu opined about Civilsdaily Mentorship

Karishma Nair, AIR 14 was also Sajal sir’s student
AIR 65, Pranav mentored under Sajal sir for UPSC 2020

Get Ranker’s Strategy for 5hr/day Self-Study | FREE 1-1 session for UPSC 2023-24

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