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Question 1)

Discuss the reasons why Social Movements in India are losing potency and their impact to challenge dominant cultures is eroding? (150 W/ 10 M)

Question 2)

The office of the speaker is an exalted constitutional position. Mentioning its powers discuss how the office is important for the legitimacy of the government of the day. (250 W/ 15 M)

Question 3)

What are the major impediments and concerns of India’s economic growth rate? Analyze in the context of India’s growth forecast as done by RBI recently. Also suggest way forward. (200 W/ 12½ M)

Question 4)

Ethics Case Study: Manoj is the head of State RTO department where Sunil works as an officer in charge of clearing and approving the vehicles paper. Manoj’s friend Ankit works in a bank and notices that a portion of certain Mr. Mukesh’s pension is deposited every month into an account of one Reshma who turns out to Be Sunil’s wife. He suspects that the deposits are being made by a customer of Sunil and in return Sunil use to approve their papers. Ankit informs Manoj about the same based on his suspicion. Divulging the bank’s secret information from the bank, Ankit has commited a crime that too without having any concrete evidence. During investigation, Manoj lands on Mr. Mukesh’s home and finds that he is been hospitalized. He then turns to Sunil, upon which Sunil replies that Mr. Mukesh happens to be his father in law and the money deposited is for an Old Age Home, which his wife Reshma owns and runs. Manoj suspects that the money deposited must be of fraud that’s why is being deposited by unknown person(s). Manoj thinks of taking action based on his own investigation and mere suspicion. What should he do? Explore various options available to Manoj with suitable explanation and justification. (150 W/ 10 M)

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