We are expanding our horizon and are looking for great guys!

As you know we remain committed to making it easier for students to get the right content that is directly aligned with the demands of the exam.
We are looking to take our daily initiatives to the next level by introducing meaningful innovations. Hence, we are looking for a hire a Head of Daily Initiatives Team.
At the minimum, he/she
1. Should be familiar with Google products like excel, docs and very good at managing teams.
2. Should be based in Delhi.
3. Willing to commit 6-8 hours every day.
4. Should have given at least 1 mains.
5. Should have a sound understanding of the differentiators in our products (and should be able to derive the methodology that we follow) 
The detailed responsibilities will be communicated to interested candidates.  
If interested, please fill the form below so we can know you better –

By Root

Caretaker @civilsdaily

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