6 Oct 2016 | Target Mains: GS Questions & DNA Framework

GS1 (Indian geography)

What are the features of tropical cyclones? Why is India one of the worst affected by cyclones even though other parts of the world have more tropical cyclones?

Demand – Features of tropical cyclones, why is India more vulnerable than other countries.


– Features of tropical cyclones (5 marks)

– Reasons we suffer more damage (factors such as population, coastline etc) (5 marks)

GS2 (Governance and transparency)

For the success of the Right to Information (RTI), a major challenge is to develop capacities for access to information. Discuss. How can the capacities of public authorities and citizens be enhanced?

Demand – Importance of capacity and awareness in implementing RTI.


– What is RTI? (3.5 marks)

– What prevents access to information? (3.5 marks)

– How can you improve ability of all parties to share and access information? (3 marks)

GS3 (Indian economy)

What is inflation targeting? What steps have been taken by government and RBI to achieve it?

Demand – Define inflation targeting and how it is being achieved.


– Define inflation targeting (3 marks)

– Measures taken by government (7 marks)

GS4 (Case study)

During your election duty you catch a vehicle full of cash. It belongs to a politician certain to win the election. He wants you to release the vehicle and you can’t reach your senior. What are your options and what action will you choose?

Demand and Approach – No hints in case studies!

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