7 Fundas for IAS Prelims 2016 Preparation


Hope you guys had fun attempting the MCQ Maze series. We have some important observations to make regarding the IAS Prelims trends, which we are bringing forth in this very short piece.

Here are the 7 fundas for IAS Prelims 2016 Preparation:

Funda #1: No one could ever attempt all the 100 questions in GS Pre because they are designed that way. And you shall be no exception.

Funda #2: Prepare the topics where you can be sure first (like Polity) before you venture into things like Environment and Biodiversity for Prelims.

Funda #3: The paper has always been designed in a way that a candidate who studied well could be sure of the correct choice for at least 45-50 percent of the answers. Rest come from the tools we use to break the Pre like elimination and the stuff.

Funda #4: There are things which are asked for which you cannot really prepare like list of wildlife which is endangered or naturally found until and unless it was in news. So prepare them, of course, but don’t go overboard.

Funda #5: Follow the news carefully. A change always attracts an examiner to frame a question. For example, if you can write a 200 words write-up on UIDAI but did not notice that it is under MoIT now instead of NITI then you should be faulted for getting it wrong and not the examiner for framing a difficult question.

Funda #6: When something high-profile comes like SDG, an examiner is always tempted to ask something from it. But the examiner knows that every candidate must have mugged up the goals but examiner shall be interested in knowing which candidate knows who shall monitor its implementation, a fact that might have been ignored by the candidates.

Funda #7: Examiner always tries if he/she can frame questions even from static subjects like History and Culture from current affairs. Be very careful about such news items.


PS: If you are a beginner and wants to get things right, read CD’s Guide to IAS Prep: From Aspirant to IAS Officer.

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