IAS Mains 2015 & Beyond – Mini Quiz #1

So, as promised here we begin with our “IAS Mains 2015 & Beyond – Mini Quizes”. While we expect you to attempt the questions earnestly, we also understand our responsibility to explain to you why we chose to frame these questions over some random questions as we don’t want to bulldoze you with questions just for the heck of it but to ensure that you realise the actual benefit of these “IAS Mains Mini Quizzes” which is to acclimatize you to the answer writing in a time bound manner with a set of questions which have a reason to be there.

Sounds good?


So this set has been prepared for GS1. The paper in 2013 and 2014 could be largely classified into Indian History, World History + Society and Geography.

In History they framed a question on Maulana Azad on his 125th anniversary. This time around Loh Purush has been quite in limelight and hence a question.

Newspapers had been full of eulogy to our 1965 war response but it has become all too common for UPSC to become interested in framing a question. But a little known has been the war crimes news in our neighbourhood and hence a question on a war but the one in 1971 and the associated events.

Thaw in US-Cuba relations was something to look for and the first thing that crosses the mind is Cuban Missile Crisis. As we have maintained that UPSC roams around a news item before picking up a question, we have one here!

The questions in Geography were picked up from the items that have literally become common parlance like heat islands, temperature inversion, fold mountains and earthquakes. Continuing in same vein we have framed the questions from Ring of fire, Bay of Bengal and the Crust.

Continuing with our efforts to live upto your expectations and the standard that we have set for ourselves, here we present the first set. Happy writing!


#1. Enumerate the major highlights of the Simla Agreement (1972) signed between India and Pakistan in 1972.

#2. What were the events that precipitated the Cuban Missile Crisis (October Crisis) in 1962? How was it resolved?

#3. Discuss the contribution of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel to pre- and post- independent India?

#4. Explain the occurrence of frequent earthquakes and volcanic eruptions along the Pacific Ring of Fire.

#5. (a) Why are cyclone more common in Bay of Bengal compared to the Arabian Sea?
#5. (b) The age of oceanic crust increases from the mid oceanic ridges towards the continental margins. Why?


We will provide dummy answers of sorts by tomorrow evening so that you have a sense of wholesomeness!

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