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ANNOUNCEMENT – There is a change in format. Students will now have to post answers on the questions page separately by clicking on the links given below. We plan to track progress for each of the GS papers and to achieve the same, this modification becomes important. Students who are unable to post answers, please email hello@civilsdaily.com. You will receive a resolution for sure. 

Question 1)

Explain the concept of Sun-spot cycle. In view of the approaching Solar minimum, highlight the changes that it brings on the sun’s surface and the effects that it has on earth. (250 words)

Question 2)

The Competition Act of 2002 is inadequate to deal with abuses of monopoly power in a changing business environment. Comment. (250 Words)

Question 3)

Do you think that the proposed consolidated labor codes will resolve the problems of Indian workers? Discuss. (250 Words)

Question 4)

More Indian children are in school than ever before, but the quality of government schools has sunk to spectacularly low levels. The children in these schools come from the poorest of families – those who cannot afford to send away their young to private schools elsewhere, as do most Indian families who have the means. India has had a legacy of weak schooling for its young, even as it has promoted high-quality government-financed universities. In the light of the grim picture of public schooling in India, suppose you are a District Collector, and a group of poor people approach to make you aware about the pathetic conditions of public schools in their areas. They handed you a letter that contains five problems regarding dismal states of schools i.e. (a) Lack of hygienic toilet facility especially for girls as there are common toilets only, (b) Non availability of clean drinking water, (c) Lack of proper security, (d) Absentee teachers and (e) Rude behavior of teachers and staff with the students. Because of such problem often parents are not sending their children. Dropout rate is also high. Your education minister also expects something concrete from you, as he has to answer local public and media about this issue. With respect to such problems how will you go about providing solutions so that your action may become example for others to learn? (250 Words)

Reviews will be provided in a week for. (In the order of submission- First come first serve basis). In case the answer is submitted late the review period may get extended to two weeks.

*In case your answer is not reviewed in a week, reply to your answer saying *NOT CHECKED*. If Parth Sir’s tag is available then tag him.

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