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The need for a totalizer revolution

Introducing totaliser for mixing votes before counting would eliminate the biases that creep in on account of disclosure of booth level trends. It will reduce the intimidation of voters based on the observed trends at booth level besides maintaining the basic principle of secrecy of votes.


Return of the Cauvery crisis

The Cauvery water disputes tribunal gave its award in 2007 and it has asked the parties to share the deficiency on a prorata basis. Centre has finally notified the tribunal award in 2013 but it did not establish a Cauvery management board and regulatory authority to implement the same. In this context, the following need to be observed.

  1. Centre shall establish Cauvery management board as soon as possible.
  2. In a world of depleting water resources, changing to less water intensive cropping is suggested.
  3. Non political initiatives such as Cauvery family can build cordial environment among the farmers in both the states.


Obama’s last ally for a safer world




USA as the only nuclear power to have used a nuclear weapon, the USA has a moral responsibility to act.

President Obama has promised to put an end to the Cold War thinking and pledged the Americas commitment to seek the peace and security of a world with out nuclear weapons.

Important steps by president Obama

  1. The nuclear posture review referred to the objectives of reducing the role of USA nuclear weapons in national security strategy while maintaining strategic detterence and stability at reduced nuclear force levels.
  2. The Nuclear Weapons Employment Strategy that followed in 2013 stated that the U.S. would only consider the use of nuclear of  nuclear weapons “in extreme circumstances to  defend the vital interests of the  United States  or its allies and partners”.
  3. Negotiations with Russia led to the new START Treaty and it limits the total USA and Russian nuclear arsenals to 700 deployed ICBMs.
  4. Cycle of Nuclear security summits are launched to highlight the threats posed by terrorists seeking nuclear weapons.
  5. Nuclear cooperation agreement with Iran.

On the other side, president Obama authorized $1tn budget over the next three decades for maintaining and improving the US nuclear arsenal under the stockpile stewardship program.

So, USA taking a position of no first use will make a moral revolution in nuclear disarmament.



Sedition – In 1962 in Kedarnath case Supreme Court held that criticism of Government shall not come under the purview of sedition law. Only violent revolution against the government attracts the charge of sedition.


China may allow imports of  Indian non-basmati rice

India is having a large trade deficit in goods with China and India is requesting for a market access to Non Basmati rice, pharmaceuticals and fruits, vegetables. In this scenario, China is rejecting access citing quality standards.

Now, an agreement is reached between the nations for the import of Non Basmati rice by China.


The Grumbling G20

85% of the world GDP and two thirds of its population are under the banner of G20. The major issues discussed at the G20 summit are

  1. Excess steel capacity in China that resulted in a flood of cheap imports in to India , Europe and threatened the employment there.
  2. Climate change though is the major agenda point there is no significant progress.
  3. Fighting protectionism and support to globalisation was suggested.
  4. Strengthening enforcement against the international tax avoidance.

Masala bonds


Masala bonds are rupee denominated bonds issued by Indian companies to overseas buyers. Corporates issue bonds to raise money from investors. GMR is planning to rise the funds by issuing masala bonds to refinance its debt.

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