8th January 2020| Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

The topics covered in the upcoming AWE on 9th January are:

Q.1) Social empowerment, communalism, regionalism & secularism.

Q.4) Case Studies


Question 1)

“The Indian urban and rural life is viewed as the two faces of the same coin. They are mutually interdependent and both have a greater impact of globalization.” In the light of the given statement, compare and contrast implications of Globalization on rural and urban society in India and examine how they are different from each other. (15 Marks)

Question 2)

The recurring incidents of a large number of children’s death points toward the short-comings in the public health-care system of the country. Critically examine the statement and give your views to improve the system. (15 Marks)

Question 3)

As a part of its proposed manned space mission, India will launch the Indian Data Relay Satellite System (IDRSS). What is Data Relay Satellite System? Discuss its intended benefits. (15 Marks)

Question 4)

Mr X, once a struggling film actor, was accused and later exonerated of rape charges, which the jury found out to be motivated and fake. Not able to cope up with the situation, he changed profession and moved on. Thirty years later, while his closest friends know about the incident, his co-workers do not. One day, out of curiosity, he searches for his name on the internet, and to his surprise, finds that the third entry that comes up is an old report in a local newspaper about the rape charges he faced. Mr X is upset; after all these years, he would like to be able to disclose the event only to whomever he wants. He has heard about the decision of European Court of Justice which allows individuals to submit requests to a search engine to remove certain results from searches on their names, and citing the same, requests the search engine and media outlet to remove the results. Valid arguments can be advanced for making the Right to be Forgotten a fundamental right? What those arguments could be? What limitations, if any, can it be subjected to? Should there be any obligations on the search engines regarding cases, which are no longer relevant, as the one mentioned above? (15 Marks)

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