95 out of 100 IAS Aspirants love our 1 on 1 mentoring for their 2021 attempt

Click to fill the form: Samanvaya for IAS 2021

In the lockdown season 1, 2, 3, we talked with more than 1500 candidates who were preparing for IAS 2021.

95% of the IAS 2021 aspirants talked with our mentors to align their preparation strategies, time table, current affairs coverage and fine-tine their exam-taking skills.

100% of the IAS 2021 aspirants who became our students loved the habitat chat portal which we opened for them, exclusively

Here’s what we can help you with:

  1. Working Junta? If you are preparing for IAS 2021 and working simultaneously, we can help you design a timetable that fits right in your hectic schedule.
  2. First-time prep? If you are in last year of college or thinking of dropping a year and preparing for IAS 2021 full time, we can help you pick the right books and craft a practical & personal strategy

You just have to take 5 minutes out and fill this form: Samanvaya For IAS 2021

Once done, we will call you within 24 hours or so.

What happens when you fill this form? How does a call help you?

1. Identifying your weaknesses

Over 80% of students who claimed to have revised NCERTs twice were unable to answer basic questions. Many were not comfortable with at least 1 GS subject and Optional. Many struggled with ‘What went wrong’ after 2-3 years of hard work. Our mentors will provide free preliminary assignments so we can assess your preparedness and suggest accurate strategies.

2. Strategy and study plan discussions

Over 90% of students couldn’t stick to a plan. Study plans and strategies are iterative in nature and we want to help you with that. Many are unable to perform in tests despite preparing hard. This could be due to a variety of factors – lack of adequate prep, jitters in the exam hall, inadequate revision, lack of practice of test series or just a bad day at work. Tell us what you think went wrong and we’ll figure out a way to get you over the line next time.

3. Helping you understand the exam better – which books to read, different approaches, etc. Over 60% of students we talked to did not find NCERTs relevant and saw no point in being thorough with them.

4. Lack of motivation

We have all had those days when it’s been hard to motivate ourselves to hit the books and just study. It happens to the best of us sometimes and for some of us, it happens more frequently. And it is understandable, Civil Service preparation is a long and often lonely process. Every aspirant, from toppers to those who have quit have been overwhelmed by this process at some point in time. Working alone is monotonous and helps you keep motivated by ensuring you are actively and passively studying every day. Focused telegram groups to foster discussions.

Click to fill the form: Samanvaya for IAS 2021

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Caretaker @civilsdaily

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Prithviraj S.
Prithviraj S.
2 years ago

Hii Sir,

Do you charge for helping us prepare a time-table for the 2021 exam?