9th January 2020| Daily Answer Writing Enhancement

The topics covered in the upcoming AWE on 10th January are:

Q.1) Salient features of the world’s physical geography.

Q.4) Case Studies


Question 1)

“Regional assertiveness can prove to be a peril to National Unity.” Examine the statement with suitable examples? (15 Marks)

Question 2)

‘The Indian Constitution has inherent unitary tilt’. In the light of the statement mention the provision in the Constitution which are in favour of the strong Centre and highlight its implications. (15 Marks)

Question 3)

With the Indian Economy sputtering, there is a growing demand for a cut in taxes. There is also a section clamouring in favour of boosting the demand and opposing the tax cuts. Evaluate the effects both the option could have on the economy. (15 Marks)

Question 4)

You are the officer in charge of overseeing refugees’ related issues in a multilateral humanitarian organisation. There is an ethnicity-based civil war going on in a region and as a result, many people are being displaced. Hitherto, the economically better-off neighbouring countries have accommodated the streams of migrants with financial support from your organisation. The violence in the region has increased recently and the flux of people seeking refuge has grown substantially. With countries sealing their borders, the refugees are left in a vulnerable situation. You are sent to negotiate for humanitarian settlement of refugees with the neighbouring countries, who also happen to be a powerful economic bloc. However, they refuse any more accommodation on the following grounds: (a) Drainage of resources in the face of subdued economic conditions. (b) Domestic political repercussions. (c) Rehabilitation will encourage more influx and indirectly fuel the persecutors. (d) Permanency of settlement in face of better prospects than at home. What are the counter-arguments that can be cited to convince the countries for an immediate solution? Suggest some long term measures as well that should be followed to address the problem. (15 Marks)

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