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Question 1)

Despite being the pivot of Indian democracy, the civil services have performed rather poorly when it comes to administering the routine. Discuss. (250 Words)

Question 2)

Local Self Governments remain eternally dependent on the states for fulfilling their mandate. Discuss. (250 Words)

Question 3)

Argue for and against the privatisation of Public Sector Banks in India. What do you think is the need of the hour to reform the Indian banking scenario. (250 Words)

Question 4)

You are officer in charge for transfer and posting of personnel of a particular department. This position is very difficult mainly for two reasons- (i) people closer to the power corridor try to influence you and (ii) women officers often send requests to postpone transfer orders on the pretext of family responsibilities. Consider the following situations and give your views with suitable explanations. (a) A Cabinet Minister sends a D.O letter to you regarding posting of an official on a supposedly ‘lucrative assignment’ for which you have already decided about the name of a more competent officer with a good track record of honesty, integrity, probity and timely delivery. What will you do? (b) As per the rules in your department, every officer needs to be transferred from one destination to other after three years. A woman officer comes to you with a request that as the new destination allotted to her is far flung and remote, she would fail to provide medical treatment to her ageing and sick in-laws who need constant clinical help. But according to her innate qualities and high level of expertise, the new destination would need only officer like her to deliver best results and meet official targets. What will you do? (c) The position of incharge of transfer and posting provides a very lucrative opportunity to make money and cultivate liaison for a life time. One should not be ‘too idealistic’ to ignore such opportunities and adopt ‘pragmatic approach’. Do you agree? Give reasons. (250 Words)

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