A beginner’s guide to approaching Ethics – Part 2

Thank you students for appreciating the thoughts. It is imperative that in current day and age we work out to mitigate the fears of GS and lay down and approach which works best and is all inclusive.

Moving on with the two factors which I mentioned before –

I. External factors:

  • Natural Law

It is a belief that every thing in this world is meant to fullfil certain purpose. Anything which disrupts this teleology then it will be considered as unethical. e.g same sex marriages

According to critics it is “unnatural” because they say that sexual intercourse is meant for new life i.e. for child. Hence, they denounce use of contraceptives , abortion, etc.

But at the same time we know it for sure that many societies/countries have legalised same sex marriages. Why ? Just think.

  • Consequences Based

In this approach it is the result which influences our choice/decisions. Formula being “ greatest good of the greatest number” (Utilitarianism).

II. Internal factors:

  • Conscience (inner voice)
  • Duty based – It is governed by the feel of “what ought to be”. It is basically Kantian ethics.
  • In recent years there is growing view that there are no predefined norms of morality such that we are supposed to be governed by those principles. Rather it is us who have to create values by the exercise of our free will. Most of the Existentialist thinkers fall under this category.

In nutshell this paper is all about ethical decision and courageously defending our stand without FEAR & FAVOUR.




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