Art of Concentration

Ever wondered why you can’t concentrate on anything. Be it your studies or movies or anything going on. You are never ever able to hold your attention. The good thing is; science is justifying your lack of attention and is suggesting that average attention span is 2.5 minutes.

Concentration is not about a book or syllabus or anything. Concentration is a quality which defines your attentiveness and sharpness to grab things. A dull mind will not be interested in anything. A lukewarm mind might be interested in something interesting like a movie or a video game or whatsapp messages. But to grab things which are useful for exams or our life in general we need to sharpen our concentration.

Concentration is a quality we were all born with. Can you recollect how easily your concentration used to flow on a bird sitting on a tree outside the class or something on a wall, etc. It was then that our elders taught us to stop looking at these things and begin to concentrate on our books. And the result was, we lost our quality of concentration. Concentration is knack which we were born with but we have forgotten, thanks to our teachers and society. If you know the knack of concentration, you can concentrate on anything. Again remember, it is not about concentrating on books or syllabus or anything. It is just that you develop your knack of concentration and let it flow wherever it is required.

Few Techniques

Begin with this one minute exercise. While taking shower start looking concentrating on the droplet of water drizzling from the tap. Do it for a minute. Similarly, whenever you are bored while studying, start look at the second hand of your clock for at least 1 minute. Just do this exercise for few months. You will be amazed that your concentration will increase manyfold.

After you do these exercises for a few times in a day for about 3-4 months, you can migrate to a more refined technique. It is defined as Tratak in Hindu texts. The technique is simple. You need a small candle or a small lamp lit with castor oil or Desi Ghee. Lit it and start gazing at the light in a dark room. Do this exercise without blinking. Start with 5 minutes and keep increasing by 1 minute each week till you achieve it for 15 minutes. Your eyes may water but let it be. This will make your brain more stable and you will be able to concentrate.

Remember that don’t force yourself to concentrate on your books. It will never work. Increase your quality of concentration and you will see that it will help you study well and do everything in life in general really really well.

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By Gaurav Mittal

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