A story of perseverance: Jasmeet Sandhu, Rank 3


My success mantra is ‘hardwork is the key to success‘, says the 28- year-old Jasmeet Sindhu who secured 3rd position.

He is an IRS officer & is already working as Assistant Commissioner.

A story of perseverance:

An engineering graduate from IIT-Roorkee, Jasmeet started his preparations for civil services in 2010. But he was not able to clear it on his first two attempts, and got into the IRS on his third attempt. And now in 4th attempt, he stands before us as one of the toppers. Ecstatic with the result, Jasmeet’s mother Surinder Sandhu, attributed his success to his consistent hardwork.

Friends & Family support:

Jasmeet says his family and friends had more faith in him than him that he will not only just clear the exam but also with flying colors. He also says that he never felt a pressure for having an alternative career because of his family support and this was the Main reason he could clearly focus on The IAS.

About coaching: Jasmeet only took coaching for a month. He prepared for the exam on his own.

He took Psychology as his optional.

Why IAS?

He chooses IAS because he feels that this service has the capability to allow the individual to have a balance in the work life as well as work for the people.

What else?

  • Other than studying Jasmeet has many other hobbies and likings. One of them is football & he loves playing football in his free time
  • Jasmeet also likes to post on QUORA and help people as much as he can he provides them with his preparation tips so that an individual can study from his home and need not go out for any coaching and spend money and time

Advice for Aspirants:

  • Only study when your heart says and choose topic you know that you are good at. Just follow this
  • There is no fixed thing as if you do this you will crack IAS, be patient and don’t quit

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