(Live Now) | Fix your doubts in Mega Session with Manoj Hegde, CD’s (UPSC-2021) Topper | Talk 1-1, Discuss & Learn | Register free – Get their notes, resources, and Civilsdaily special Prelims package

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Aspirants, this is huge. Mega sessions (1-1 talk), back to back with UPSC IAS Rankers. Register for FREE and get their notes + CivilsDaily’s special Prelims Packages

We are bringing our ‘Hall of Fame’ toppers who have taken multiple attempts, faced failures, changed strategies, applied, and executed to perfection. To achieve this feat there is a lot of hard work, perseverance, and turmoil which goes behind the making of these toppers and achievers. Due to their accomplishments, these toppers are a goldmine of UPSC prep wisdom.

This is going to be a Mega session in which you will be talking 1-1 with All India Ranker. Asking him questions and doubts, getting them resolved. Moreover, this topper will be sharing their notes, resources, and strategy with you.

CivilsDaily has also made a special Prelims Package for you aspirants. On registration, you will be getting access to the package.

UPSC 2021 Topper, Manoj Ramanath Hegde will be Online for 1-1 session – on 3rd July 2022

👉And UPSC Mains Special 1-1 QnA Session with Sukanya Ma’am, Mains Head:- Details of strategy for the next 6 months…making schedules…how to plan Gs….making notes…how to write mains answer…basic structure.

Contact Email: sukanya@civilsdaily.com

Mains is the most crucial stage of the UPSC exam. Because your knowledge is tested through your answers. Pain is that it’s also becoming more and more unpredictable, analytical, and dynamic in nature than ever before. So, you have to grow the art of articulating your thoughts on paper as per questions demand, or a disaster is waiting to happen. 

Studying and writing answers is a symbiotic relationship and one reinforces the other. And the good news is our ‘Mains Essential Program 2023’ is a Mentor guided comprehensive and intensive program for GS Mains papers. 

CD’s Hand-holding MEP Program
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💥Mentorship New Batch Launch
💥Mentorship New Batch Launch