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Is UPSC 2023 examination your Goal?

Mains is the most important stage of the UPSC exam. It’s also becoming more and more unpredictable, analytical and dynamic than ever before.

What is MEP 2023?

Mains essential Program (MEP) 2023 is your solution to practicing Mains Answer writing. Don’t procrastinate answer writing, developing a skill does not happen magically after you clear prelims.

Mains Essential Program 2023 is a Mentor guided comprehensive and intensive program for GS Mains papers. The focus is on making students understand the requirement of Mains Question, its elements, using information, and imparting answer writing skills for that.

The year-long Answer writing Program is helpful:

Your knowledge is tested through your answers: If you have not learned the art to articulate your thoughts on paper, then that’s a disaster waiting to happen. Studying and writing answers is a symbiotic relationship and one reinforces the other.

  • Helps you retain concepts, facts, and figures.
  • Learning the trick to formulate the structure of the answer.
  • Helps to revise things and learn new things not covered by conventional books.
  • Improves your writing speed, and handwriting.

Know-How Our Mains Test Program Stands Apart?

1. Personalised Mentorship to correct you at each step

We believe in personalised individual attention. A one-to-one discussion with your Mentor will not only highlight your weaknesses but will also help in tracking your improvements over the subsequent tests. It will also ensure consistency, continuity, and progressive improvement.

Students usually get swayed by only seeing the theme of the question. Question is not about electoral bonds only. Many aspirants write everything they know about electoral bonds. You need to first mention how it will cleanse India’s electoral system. After that, link it with democracy. How it violates key features of democracy like transparency, accountability, and a level playing field. Writing only Pros and Cons will not fetch you marks.

Just schedule a call with our mentor to clear all your doubts and queries.

2. Quality standards of questions in our test series

Our Test series questions have consistently proven to be similar to UPSC standards.

Here’s the proof

60% of 2021 GS 1 Mains Questions Are From Civilsdaily Mains Test Series!!|| All 2022 & 2023 UPSC Aspirants, Can You Answer these Questions? || Paper Got Released, Check Details Over Here|| Fill the Samanvaya Free 1-on-1 Call for UPSC Guidance

Program Inclusion Details:

  • 12 Sectional tests: The whole syllabus will be divided into portions like history, economics, and geography. The test will be spread for a period of 8 months. This will ensure that your basic static preparation happens on a continuous basis alongside your mains answer writing program. Killing two birds with one stone!
  • 12 Full-length tests: After the prelims, it is time to go full gear.
  • Personalized discussion: You doubt why you are scoring less or how you can improve your score for the next paper. No worries! Just schedule a call with our mentor to clear all your doubts and queries.
  • Civilsdaily’s handholding: You will be provided membership to Mains 2023 club on Habitat. There you can put up your doubts and queries. Also can be used to interact with peers on strategies to improve your mains writing. You can also contact mentors like Sajal sir, Sukanya ma’am, Sudhanshu sir and Poornima Ma’am. They all have interview-level experience, so utilize their experience to your benefit.
  • Civilsdaily magazine: Your current affairs will be covered with access to our 1-year subscription. (June 2022 to May 2023)

Our Philosophy behind MEP 2023

1. Question Formulation

It happens under a team of experienced Civilsdaily’s faculty. Questions framed are from the most important UPSC relevant themes and papers are based on the latest pattern of UPSC.

Our questions specifically state:

  • Whether they are straightforward or thought-provoking/analytical.
  • Whether they have subparts.
  • Why this question – similar previous year questions, the importance of the theme, etc.

CD Innovation – Red-green highlight – to let you know about the necessary and innovative points.

2. One-to-One Discussion

We believe in personalized individual attention. This is the biggest reason why you should join our TS. Students can schedule a call within 2 days of receiving their checked copies.

A one-to-one discussion with your Mentor will not only highlight your weaknesses but will also help in tracking your improvements over the subsequent tests. It will also ensure consistency, continuity, and progressive improvement.

3. Answer Checking

Our evaluation focusses on multiple dimensions and parameters like structure, flow, presentation, contextuality, relevance to question, analytical excellence, and cross-domain inter-linkages than simply on superficial, memory-based lapses.

Evaluated answer copy – 1 (Click to download)

Evaluated answer copy – 2 (Click to download)

Parameters we use to evaluate your answers

4. Model Answers

More than just simply providing information, our model answers cover all the aspects of a question and provide enriching points to the student. They also include:

  • For ‘thought-provoking/analytical’ type of questions, we’ll provide the best way to approach them.
  • Alternate introductions
  • Sub-headings and categorization to enhance readability and answer structure.
  • Colour coding for main arguments, reports, data, scholars, etc.
    OTB – Out of the box points for additional marks

5. Civilsdaily’s Handholding

You’ll be assigned to a special group on Civilsdaily’s Habitat, there you can interact with different mentors like Sajal Sir, Sukanya ma’am, Ajay Sir, Sudhanshu sir, and others.

Civilsdaily’s Habitat – Desktop and Mobile view

6. Value-added material

Current affairs magazines – Civilsdaily’s Magazines are the best in terms of comprehensive coverage, superb design, and high readability.

Listicles and other relevant study material – Supplementary content provided will be helpful in covering multiple related questions.

About Mentor:

Sukanya Rana:

Sukanya ma’am has firsthand experience of 4 mains and 2 interviews of UPSC. In 2019, she scored 140 in ethics. She has also appeared in the State PCS interview. Before she has worked as a Probationary officer in Canara bank. Now at Civilsdaily, she heads Mains program and engaged in core team of Civilsdaily.

As per need, we will also involved our Civilsdaily core mentors like Swatantra sir, Suhel sir etc.

This is what our students have to say..

Kunal Aggarwal Civilsdaily IAS UPSC Mains
IAS Mains 2020 2021 UPSC Civilsdaily Mains Test series
From Quora’s answer. (Read the full answer here)

Program inclusion:

  1. 24 Tests (12 Sectional + 12 FLTs) and Model Answers
  2. Personalized discussion, with Mentor
  3. Civilsdaily’s Handholding
  4. Civilsdaily’s Habitat special group
  5. Civilsdaily’s Magazines (1 yr)



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LOCATION: 1 LGF, Apsara Arcade, Next to Karol Bagh Metro Stn. (Gate #7), Delhi 110060

CONTACT: OR +91 8929987787

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Mains FLTs 2023 ₹9,000.00 + taxes


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2 months ago

I want to enroll in civils daily. it is a good flat form to crack upsc.

2 months ago


Raj Kumar Raj
Raj Kumar Raj
1 month ago

Please provide me for MEP 2023 with personalized mentorship as a mentor”Santosh Gupta sir or Ravi sir or Sukanya ma’am” as soon as possible…